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Busy is as Busy Does.

Oh where, oh where has Holly’s life gone? Hmm well let’s take a running tally, yes? When people say, why are you so busy?, I can say read the blog:

In no particular order…..

  • I spend a good portion of my life reading the Wall Street Journal. ( Which I actually don’t mind, it keeps me informed for dinner parties. ‘Holly did you read the comment on the op ed David Mamet wrote for the Village Voice by whats his name?’, Yes, Yes I did)
  • Cooing at Dutchess and Salisbury ( because they are too damn cute)
  • Writing ( a various assortment of things)
  • DRIVING ( WOW-approximately 58 hours per month. I could have a third job if I didn’t have to be in the car so much)
  • Chasing Terrance. This dog thinks its his personal mission to get my in shape. He loves, LOVES to run away.
  • Cleaning up after the dogs. ( Enough said)
  • Cleaning  in general- Have I ever mentioned I love to clean. Especially with all natural products because it makes me feel like I am doing something good.
  • Working. I spend a tremendous ( think hippo size) portion of my life at PAN.
  • Thinking about how I am going to save money and do the following: open an antique shop/ flower store, start a dog cookie making business, make soap and sell it in intricate little tea saucers plucked from countless Saturdays of antiquing, have kids and move to Oregon and of course live on a FARM with little lambs.

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