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Story time: The best carbs I’ve ever had.

Once upon a time I discovered I had too many organic sweet potatoes lying around and not enough babies to eat them. I came upon a daunting recipe from Pinch My Salt and decided to become the baker because it really and truly is in my DNA.

It all started with two packets of yeast, bread flour ( who knew there was such a thing!), buttermilk ( which smells rancid but that means it’s all good), and my beautiful Kitchen-Aid mixer that gets very little use.

*Side note: I can’t believe I actually made this dough with my own two hands. Who am I ? What have I become? I used to sling boring stories to reporters and be a Pinot snob, now I bake bread? Apparently I have the time…

The dough was kneaded and formed and left to chill for a bit. While chillin’ like a villian it decided to become some rolls.

The dough doubled in size and was formed into little bundles of sweet goodness and left again to chill. This time it knew it was destined to become really good rolls. The best rolls they could be.

Then the dough walked into the oven and stayed there for a while contemplating on how it would attach itself permanetly to my thighs.

Out of the oven the rolls came  beautifully dusted with flour and longing to be alongside homemade onion soup and of course a Blue Moon seasoned with clementine. It was a lovely meal and they all lived happily ever after.

The End


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DIY Baby Food!

It’s official, my little one is growing up. He’s been eating food for a week tomorrow!


I am making my own baby food. I read up online on how to do it as I was a little nervous about providing my baby with nutrition other than breastmilk , but- I have to say this was ridiculously easy. A chimp could do it. A one armed chimp at that. I chose to make sweet potato. How did I make this choice? Well, I wanted to redeem myself from the avocado. My son wasn’t terribly fond of avocado.

Step By Step Instructions-


~2 Organic Sweet Potatoes ( Made 16 servings!!!!!!)


~ Food processor or blender



~ Breast Milk Storage Bags, or BPA free Storage Containers

Step One- Get in your car or walk to your local resource for organic produce. I purchased 2 organic sweet potatoes ( 1 large, 1 medium), a bunch of organic bananas and a small bottle of lemon essential oil. The produce came to about $6.00 ( Keep in mind I went to my local natural store. They tend to have higher prices. It was raining.)

Step 2- Wash your sweet potatoes! Scrub em’ good.

Step 3- Nuke them or Bake them. Then let them cool. I was in a hurry so I put them in the freezer for a bit. Check them out chillin’ like villains in the freezer 🙂


Step 4: Cut the sweet potatoes open and scoop out the insides

IMG_1381 and put them into the blender or food processor. Here I am using a small 2 cup food chopper from Cusinart. I love this thing and use it all the time.

Step 5: Blend until smooth! Check for chunks! Look at you, you are making baby food!

Step 6:

IMG_1385Spoon the blended mixture into a large Ziploc bag. Squeeze out air as you will be making it into a piping bag. Form your piping bag.

Step 7: Cut a small hole in the tip and squeeze mixture into storage container. I used breast milk storage bags, a tip from a momma friend. What a great idea! They are BPA free and show the measurement so there is no guessing!



Step 8: Squeeze out air from bag so that it is flat. Squish mixture flat so that can easily thaw once frozen.

Step 9: Be sure to label your food. Max time in the freezer is 3 months according to some books and sites I have seen. Store horizontally!


There is no excuse not to make your own at least once. Super minimal  cleanup!


This is all I used and it was all dishwasher safe. The whole process including cleanup was about 40 minutes ( keep in mind this was my first time.) I also was wearing my son the WHOLE time!!!!! ( including photo taking) You can do this~

Just think, you are providing your child with the very best. It is an affordable and a fun activity!

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