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Home on a Saturday Night

Its interesting how pregnancy makes you a homebody- except for when I am at work- I am home with the dogs eating a pint of alpine ice with a dog at my feet.

After swimming, I am home and tried to take a nap. was calling and I watched a few episodes of The Office. Still watching. Kind of addicting.

Its Saturday night and I really should be doing something more productive than sitting here, but I am so freaking tired. No matter how long I rest, or sleep its never enough. It has been a hmm, what is the word… interesting week? Is that a good way to describe it? After swimming last week, I came down with a cold- thought- this will be the day that I die, and curled up for the rest of the weekend. The week went by with all its bumps and low and behold I am here back on the couch- with the dogs.

Yeah, I know, this post isn’t interesting. That’s ok- they can’t all be novel. Right ? ūüôā


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Happiest Dogs in the World

On Sunday my husband and I took 2 of the kids ( whoops I mean dogs!) to the PetRock Festival. Celebrating its 10th year, PetRock is a festival gone to the animals. With the slogan-” They can’t talk so we will”, the fest is chock full of families and their dogs,( and crated cats), endless treats and lots of fun!

This was Sals’ first year at the Fest and he began by barking at all the dogs in the parking lot. After calming down with some cookies from a few vendors, we visited the doggie water park and took a zip through the Gemini agility course. Dutchess arrived with my husband and all hell broke lose. TWO Airedales in one spot– imagine.

Everyone stopped us to ask about Sals’ tail and why it wasn’t docked and also to marvel at them as they were the only Airedales at the event. Dutchess felt like a real duchess.

My husband I snacked on vegan cuisine from our favorite restaurant, Buddha hut and also had some tangy Samosas from a local Indian joint. Sals also partook in samosas, and ice cream and all the cookies Dutch dropped. All food vendors were required to serve only vegetarian food which was a huge plus!

It was a day to be remembered. The pups had a blast and so did we.

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Save me.

Savings- a dreaded word for most. For some reason or other at the end of the month there is little left in our accounts so we say, well- maybe next month. But now is the time, and I am making a commitment to saving for my future.

Watched this video from the WSJ today about a woman who saved almost 6% of her income. She was living off 35k a year as a single mother of 3. She attributed her savings to cutting out Starbucks and clothes shopping.

As we move into fall- my personal favorite season- it is a time of rebirth for us in New England. I have fond memories of new shoes, sharp pencils and crisp sheets of lined paper- all new of course. Those days are far gone as I am now a working woman with a house of my own equipt with three dogs and a husband to feed and a commute of over 100 miles per day. I am a bargain shopper with a taste for Goodwill and the thrifty. I only buy clothes on sale and we bathe the pups ourselves.

The question is how can we save more?

MSN says drive less, ditch the pricey coffee, garden more, turn off lights when not in use, and be a no pet home ( UM NO!).

Savings tips anyone?

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Dog-gone it…. everywhere

Nothing better than sitting at your desk having a working lunch when you get an email entitled: ” Today at your House” from the dog walker. ( With photo attachments) As it turns out, Salisbury decided too poop all over the house eat clothing and run around in it all. He was probably making poop angels on the floor while Dutchess just stared in disbelief at the entire situation.

So, as of today he is enrolled at Gemini Dogs .I will drop him off at daycare every Monday starting May 12th and then train with him at night, 7:45 mind you. I have never had a dog that challenged me so.

He will also be crated starting tomorrow. I am sure he will be thrilled. Curly tail and all….

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(Insert Catchy Title Here)

I am so tired today I can barely open my eyes. I went to bed on time, actually early come to think of it. So, not sure what is causing this unbelieveable sleepiness. 5 Days till vacation. Hooray!¬†Nothing new to report. It’s Friday and the week is pretty much done.

Yesterday I went to WW and actually gained 2.2lbs. So as you can imagine I am a little upset. I looked at the woman who weighed me and said, ” Um, so- do you realize I didn’t eat any cheese all week?.” and she said ” Really?,” and I said ” Yes, really.”¬† I did eat lunch at like 4 yesterday so, perhaps that is part of the problem. Nevertheless, back on the bandwagon I go.

I had some vegetarian “meat” balls for breakfast. Hilarious trying to eat them while driving on 495. Just didn’t have time to make anything else. Too exhusted.¬† The dogs were whiney this morning. Terrance did not want to remove himself from Dutchess’ crate. ( he brought a chewy in there) Needless to say,¬† Dutchess for some reason has been anti- going to bed all week. I can’t figure it out. She refuses to go upstairs, I¬† have to drag her. Then when she gets upstairs she climbs in our bed.¬† Poor Nikki ought to have a fabulous time next week sleeping with a 65lb airedale.

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Isn’t she Darling?


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Busy is as Busy Does.

Oh where, oh where has Holly’s life gone? Hmm well let’s take a running tally, yes? When people say, why are you so busy?, I can say read the blog:

In no particular order…..

  • I spend a good portion of my life reading the Wall Street Journal. ( Which I actually don’t mind, it keeps me informed for dinner parties. ‘Holly did you read the comment on the op ed David Mamet¬†wrote for the Village Voice¬†by whats his name?’, Yes, Yes I did)
  • Cooing at Dutchess and Salisbury ( because they are too damn cute)
  • Writing ( a various assortment of things)
  • DRIVING ( WOW-approximately 58 hours per month. I could have a third job if I didn’t have to be in the car so much)
  • Chasing Terrance. This dog thinks its his personal mission to get my in shape. He loves, LOVES to run away.
  • Cleaning up after the dogs. ( Enough said)
  • Cleaning¬† in general- Have I ever mentioned I love to clean. Especially with all natural products because it makes me feel like I am doing something good.
  • Working. I spend a tremendous ( think hippo size) portion of my life at PAN.
  • Thinking about how I am going to save money and do the following: open an antique shop/ flower store, start a dog cookie making business, make soap and sell it in intricate little tea saucers plucked from countless Saturdays of antiquing, have kids and move to Oregon and of course live on a FARM with little lambs.

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