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Mom Friendly: Smell Pretty All Day!

Toms New Long-Lasting Deodorant

Tom's New Long-Lasting Deodorant

So you ask: Why is my deodorant ( moreover antiperspirant) bad? Well, here is the ¬†simple answer: aluminum ( in many deos) has been linked to Alzheimer’s and if that isn’t good enough, breast cancer , lymph node issues etc etc

For years I looked, searched, tested and purchased millions of au natural deodorants. NONE worked, by the end of the day ( even sitting at a cushy desk job) I stank and had to revert back to my stash of Dove.

Well it’s a beautiful day, I have found one that actually works! Tom’s of Maine ( yes the toothpaste folks) have developed a super hero deodorant that won’t kill you slowly!

Made with hops to inhibit growth of odor- causing bacteria  and zinc ricinoleate ( say that five times fast!) sourced from castor beans absorbs bad smells. Best of all it offers 24 , count that, 24 hours of protection.

I was amazed. The only reason I purchased it was due to a coupon. The first day I wore it was a hot one ( 85) and I smelled pretty all day long. My husband even said, wow you smell good. I chose the Beautiful Earth Scent. Stop by Whole Foods ( $ 4.99) or your local health food store today.


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