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Story time: The best carbs I’ve ever had.

Once upon a time I discovered I had too many organic sweet potatoes lying around and not enough babies to eat them. I came upon a daunting recipe from Pinch My Salt and decided to become the baker because it really and truly is in my DNA.

It all started with two packets of yeast, bread flour ( who knew there was such a thing!), buttermilk ( which smells rancid but that means it’s all good), and my beautiful Kitchen-Aid mixer that gets very little use.

*Side note: I can’t believe I actually made this dough with my own two hands. Who am I ? What have I become? I used to sling boring stories to reporters and be a Pinot snob, now I bake bread? Apparently I have the time…

The dough was kneaded and formed and left to chill for a bit. While chillin’ like a villian it decided to become some rolls.

The dough doubled in size and was formed into little bundles of sweet goodness and left again to chill. This time it knew it was destined to become really good rolls. The best rolls they could be.

Then the dough walked into the oven and stayed there for a while contemplating on how it would attach itself permanetly to my thighs.

Out of the oven the rolls came  beautifully dusted with flour and longing to be alongside homemade onion soup and of course a Blue Moon seasoned with clementine. It was a lovely meal and they all lived happily ever after.

The End


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