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Mom Friendly: Smell Pretty All Day!

Toms New Long-Lasting Deodorant

Tom's New Long-Lasting Deodorant

So you ask: Why is my deodorant ( moreover antiperspirant) bad? Well, here is the  simple answer: aluminum ( in many deos) has been linked to Alzheimer’s and if that isn’t good enough, breast cancer , lymph node issues etc etc

For years I looked, searched, tested and purchased millions of au natural deodorants. NONE worked, by the end of the day ( even sitting at a cushy desk job) I stank and had to revert back to my stash of Dove.

Well it’s a beautiful day, I have found one that actually works! Tom’s of Maine ( yes the toothpaste folks) have developed a super hero deodorant that won’t kill you slowly!

Made with hops to inhibit growth of odor- causing bacteria  and zinc ricinoleate ( say that five times fast!) sourced from castor beans absorbs bad smells. Best of all it offers 24 , count that, 24 hours of protection.

I was amazed. The only reason I purchased it was due to a coupon. The first day I wore it was a hot one ( 85) and I smelled pretty all day long. My husband even said, wow you smell good. I chose the Beautiful Earth Scent. Stop by Whole Foods ( $ 4.99) or your local health food store today.

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robay studio open for business!

picfontbannerYay! Yay! Yay! Spent the past few weeks putting together my etsy shop! So excited! Today I put together yet another blog and twitter id to manage for it. So much to do!

Sewing bibs like a mad woman. Just sold a lot of pincushions to The Fabric Stash in Charlton. Very exciting time.

Today I posted the Barbar tote, my personal favorite. When I was a kid I was obsessed with this little french elephant. He was my inspiration for this versatile tote!


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(Insert Catchy Title Here)

I am so tired today I can barely open my eyes. I went to bed on time, actually early come to think of it. So, not sure what is causing this unbelieveable sleepiness. 5 Days till vacation. Hooray! Nothing new to report. It’s Friday and the week is pretty much done.

Yesterday I went to WW and actually gained 2.2lbs. So as you can imagine I am a little upset. I looked at the woman who weighed me and said, ” Um, so- do you realize I didn’t eat any cheese all week?.” and she said ” Really?,” and I said ” Yes, really.”  I did eat lunch at like 4 yesterday so, perhaps that is part of the problem. Nevertheless, back on the bandwagon I go.

I had some vegetarian “meat” balls for breakfast. Hilarious trying to eat them while driving on 495. Just didn’t have time to make anything else. Too exhusted.  The dogs were whiney this morning. Terrance did not want to remove himself from Dutchess’ crate. ( he brought a chewy in there) Needless to say,  Dutchess for some reason has been anti- going to bed all week. I can’t figure it out. She refuses to go upstairs, I  have to drag her. Then when she gets upstairs she climbs in our bed.  Poor Nikki ought to have a fabulous time next week sleeping with a 65lb airedale.

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Holly needs a brand new bag

So, as we are still taking about this whole vegan thing- I am in need of a new spring bag. I want a nice big flashy white one. There is one catch- can’t be made of leather. How convenient….

I have been scoring the globe for one that isn’t leather. I never really liked buying leather as a vegetarian but I made exceptions. ( yes, I know how hypocritical of me, don’t judge) I have always loved Matt & Nat bags. They are vegan and really cute. I think I am going with the Avril. Thoughts?

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No more honey, I now eat like a bunny

And today is day 4 on the vegan quest and I learned something VERY disturbing. Vegans don’t eat honey as it is a product of bees. ( not sure why this one slipped my mind)

Ok people- this is really getting a little crazy.
Honey is one of my ultimate favorite things. One of my guiltiest pleasures is a ‘ sweet banana’ (yes  I am five.) It is a slice of bread toasted with a few pieces of banana and about two tablespoons of honey. I heart it. Big time. Ever since I was little  in my Christmas stoking I got those honey sticks that come in plastic. Omigod- no more honey ???!?!?!

Ok, ok. I will try to not eat honey.

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A little cheese would save the day

cheese.gifToday is day two in the quest of Holly to make a concerted effort to become vegan ( in diet only- I am NOT ditching my Charles David big leather bag)

How do I feel ? Well, cheese would be nice.

I had my lunch. A large salad ( greens and tomatoes) with a pinch of soy cheese and 1/2 cup black beluga lentils. Woo hoo, how exciting… right. Everyone wants beluga lentils. People line up around the block for em’.

This is much harder than I ever anticipated it would be, but I really want it to work.

Why go vegan? Mostly health reasons. I am in a constant quest to lose the weight, but more so because I read an absoluteley startling fact about how cows milk makes a 90lb calf into a 2,000 pound calf in as little as two years!!!!!!! So, me eating cheese, gobs of ice cream and rocking chocolate and other dairy  products is of high point value  for WW and is really not that good for me. So, we will give it a try.

Poor Jesse. I have been a literal wreck since abandoning my beloved cheddar. Last night I had to make 2 different meals entirely simply because the marinara he bought had parm in it!!!

So far so good. I will keep you posted.  I might have to bash in the vending machine for beloved cheeze-its.

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