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Mom Friendly: Boston GreenScene:Cloth Diapering Examined


My guest blog post appeared on Boston GreenScene today! It’s all about the journey with cloth diapers. Be sure to check it out and send it to all the moms you know and future moms out there.

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New Year’s Resolutions…

Happy New Year!

Wow, its been a while. Since Thanksgiving I believe. Nothing really new in my house except the arrival of our child. Yes, I am still pregnant- and that this point, ugh, so over it. I think I was over it before it began!And to top it all off I have a hideous cold, and when I say hideous, I mean I am even more hideous now than before,  9 months pregnant and sick, YUM. Sexy.

We all subscribe ourselves to New Year’s resolutions and usually blow them by MLK Day, but last year I set myself up for success ( don’t think I am perfect, I only was able to do ONE of them!) Last year, I pledged to significantly reduce my consumption of plastic bags in our home. I bought reusable store bags and toted them everywhere I went. It worked! When I go to CVS for toothpaste and what not, if I don’t have a bag, I put it in my purse. If I forget my bags and I am doing a last minute grocery shopping, I challenge myself to load up my purse and cart and bring the items sans bags to the car. Yes, I do get looks of death from the clerks but I always say- ” I saved a plastic tree today,” and smile and usually they do too.

This year- my realistic resoultions consist of:

1) Reducing the usage of paper towels in my home.

Am I crazy? Yes- with the bambino on the way we have been shredding rags and purchasing reusable cloths like mad. We can do it. We have to. Think of the paper towel trees we shall save! We are reserving paper towels use to puppy accidents only.

2) Work to be more positive in all aspects of life.

This one is harder than the paper towels one. Whether its letting the stress of the day go and basking in the little positives of life ( a dogs grin, sunny days or water with ice and lemon) I need to take a step back and mold my life to be more positive. This one is going to take quite a bit of work, but I think that the birth of my son ( can you believe I am having a SON?!  I am still in shock. ) will help me to take a step back and focus on the more important things in life. Accentuate the positive.

I am sticking to two this year. Just two. Good luck to me and good luck to you. I will be sure to keep you updated on the progress.

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Pregnancy Post: NY Times: Baby, You’re Home

Told you I would label it a pregnancy post! Blogging during lunch, at my desk.

Was reading the NY Times today and discovered an article on home births I found fascinating and had to share. Nestled in the Home & Garden section is the article entitled: Baby, You’re Home all about moms in NYC who have opted for home births and interviews with docs for and against them. The slide show depicts moms in pain and also the bliss of holding their new child in their arms for the first time.

So I know as soon as I post this people will start to debate- OMG is she considering a home birth?! Take a breather folks- I don’t know what I am doing, this is my first time.  I think that its an interesting notion- your home is a place of security , well-being, and comfort and wouldn’t you want to bring your child into that environment as long as it was safe to do so? But on the other hand, wow, I mean wow takes guts to do that. I applaud these women for their courage.

Even before your child is born you have to pick pediatricians and what type of birth and all the things that fill the nursery and blah blah blah – but at the end of the day, you have a child, which is pretty neato if you ask me.

One more thing- I am AMAZED at this child’s rapid grow rate right now. He has grown so much that I actually had to go our an buy maternity shirts!  Plus, he is kicking up a storm, mostly at night. But wow!

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Voting with and for the unborn

Wow, can you believe it ? He won, he really won! I am still not over my shock and disbelief.

I will never forget where I was when I heard that Obama had been voted President of the United States. It was 3:30 AM and I was up due to the unborn squirming around and I sleepily remembered the election. Jumped on my phone and there it was on the mobile version of, ‘ Obama elected, Change has come to America.’ With that, I went right back to sleep with dreams of change and prosperity.

I rushed out of work on Tuesday so that I could make it to my polling station before it closed, thanks to Mel Gibson I sat in my car on 495 for 1 hour and 15 min. Apparently there was one of his new movies in progress filming in a rest area. Seriously? On election day ? How selfish. ANYWAY- Dashed home to let the dogs out and off we went.

Arrive to the polls at 715 and waited in no line! As I walked to the voting area thinking, wow, I am carrying my child to the polls and voting for a African American president for the first time and more importantly I am voting for someone I truly believe has the good of the American public at heart. It was empowering, exciting and unbelievably emotional. I thought of all that had come before me that had to fight for the right to vote as African Americans and women and marked my vote for Obama. Proudly.

My husband and I walked out smiling from ear to ear, hand in hand thinking the cliche phrase, ‘ Yes we can.’

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Wine before birth= Better Behaved Kids?

What do we think of this article,

Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) — Expecting mothers who have an alcoholic drink or two a week do no harm to their unborn children and may have sons who are better behaved, a study said.”

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Halloween and pregnant

Celebrate! Its Halloween,  its Friday, and its payday!

So this is my first Halloween pregnant. I celebrated by hitting up Goodwill. After dodging college kids picking out their costumes I was able to find a couple of cute things for the baby. ( organic muslin colored sweater with an owl on it, yellow sleep sac and a cute towely hooded thing with tags still attached! All for 5$!!!! )

Ugh, okay I know, I said I would not turn this into a pregnancy blog, but its the biggest most interesting thing in my life right now, so oh well… read on if you like, skip it if you want… I will be sure to prompt each pregnancy post with a pregnancy header.

Wanted to welcome a new blog, Informed Parents, Happy Babies that I have added to my blogroll.  Had the pleasure of taking a cloth diapering class at MoCo and loved it. Jesse and I will be taking an infant care class there as well as some birthing classes. Wonderful enviroment with supportive people, beautiful place! Very excited that I found this place to guide us through this crazy time.

When you become pregnant its like this foreign thing that happens- hard to explain- everyone has something to say and advice to give. I have never been pregnant before, so what do I know? But I have to say,  I have heard it all:

Enjoy your pregnancy, pregnancy sucks, are you having an epidural, what are you naming him, is your baby going to eat meat and drink milk, does it feel like an alien, motherhood is wonderful, use cloth diapers, cloth diapers are messy, you shouldn’t feel so tired, are you taking your viatmins,  is the nursery done, what on earth are you going to do with the dogs.’

WOW, is all I can say, when did something so personal become SO public? And I don’t mean the, ‘ how are you feeling questions,’ as its nice to know people care, but, every pregnancy is different, everyone has their own experiences and it may not be the same as what you felt or what you have heard.

I think that its important to take control of your own pregancy allow who you want in and keep the rest to yourself and family. I spent the first couple months trying to do that, but its hard, because it is such a monumental thing that is happening and everyone wants all the details.

In any case, moving on… can I just say, Jesse is SO excited about the baby he can hardly contain himself.He has been puttering around the house fixing things, cleaning, laundry etc like a mad man. I LOVE it.

This weekend my goal is buying a crib. Stay tuned for that adventure…

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Apple Picking

I love apple picking. Two weeks ago my husband, aunt and uncle traveled to an amazing orchard and we came home with 20lbs of apples. Check mygoodhouse for apple recipes.

Here are some photos from the trip!

My monkey man

A cat enjoying some grass



honey crisp apples

honey crisp apples

A lone squash in the apple orchard.
A lone squash in the apple orchard.

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More CNN. Pregnancy and Stress.

Pregnancy and stress. Don’t fret  I am not turning this to an ‘ All about being Pregnant’ blog, I get enough of that from and all the people asking, how are you feeling. Only the neat stuff. Check MyGoodhouse for the latest on the nursery and massive projects that must occur before this child enters the world.

Check  this out though, crazy! Stress hurts growing babies, and can cause mental issues when they are older! Last I checked– life is stressful- especially in today’s world. We’ve got children in China drinking melamine, puppy mills ,a pending 700 Billion dollar Wall Street bailout and of course the election. ( and yes I missed the debates!)

Experts say to make sure that you are getting nutrients and exercise and to talk to your doc about stress levels.

My kid is in trouble! Thank goodness for Pandora‘s Chopin station.

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