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The Wrath of a pack of wild terriers… SOCKS

My dirty little secret… I hate laundry. I depise dirty laundry and also clean laundry. We have put people on the moon but we still can’t figure out how to get clothes and more importantly socks folded on their own.

People come to my home and say wow, you are a 25 year old Martha Stewart only nicer and not as cold but upstairs in our spare bedroom,soon to be a nursery, lurks our secret. I refuse to match up socks. We keep them in a large plastic KOHLS bag.They pile up and when we can’t find socks that match we either go without or we buy new ones. It is quite the battle.

Yesterday my husband came home to all three dogs running wildly around the house. ( We aren’t sure how Sals got out of his crate yet) He immediately ran to our down couches which were slept on but safe. Jesse then noticed the gate to upstairs was down. He tore upstairs terrified that the dogs had bitten through his Cole Haans or eaten the wires out of my bras.( Which note, the dogs have done before)

Before I continue this tale, note, Airedales have this bizarre obsession with socks. When I say obsession I mean addiction. They just love the look and feel of a nice trouser sock.

In any case, the bag of socks was tipped over with hundreds of mismatched socks laying all about the room. It was if Dutchess let Sals out of his crate and said, ‘ Lets go play with some socks man,’ and off they went. They even brought socks downstairs.Thankfully there was no further damage done and no socks were hurt during the 5 hour span of freedom.

All socks have been washed and place back in their plastic KOHLS bag respectivley.


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And the day is… Friday!

I literally dragged my poor husband to the grocery store last night. Actually 2, count them 2 grocery stores. His reward, cheese puffs. More like cheese doodles. He pleaded with me as we passed the junk food aisle, ” Please honey, we eat so healthy all the time.” For the first time, I said yes. A top my fridge is a big ol’ bag of cheese doodles.Inside its still organic and or mostly vegetarian.

For the weekend, we are pimping out the house with all things fall. I need to get on making some wreaths. I have been putting it off, don’t tell MyGoodHouse. Apple picking is scheduled for tomorrow, I will post pictures next week. I am soooo looking forward to the crisp air and the buffet of all the apples. Did I mention I am addicted to apples?

Jesse and I are thinking about getting another dog, hahahahaha. No, I am just kidding, can you imagine 4? 4 terriers? If I ever get 4 please call Oprah because I am officially a dog hoarder and need help. I was going to say that I just scheduled Sals’ appointment to be neutered. He is thrilled. Poor thing. But its an important thing to do.

In baby news, appointment on Monday, just a check up. Nothing fun. Little guy has been moving around the past week a lot which has been interesting. I was in a meeting and he started moving, startled the bejebus outta me. Whew.

Enough for now.

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Unlikely Friends

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Happiest Dogs in the World

On Sunday my husband and I took 2 of the kids ( whoops I mean dogs!) to the PetRock Festival. Celebrating its 10th year, PetRock is a festival gone to the animals. With the slogan-” They can’t talk so we will”, the fest is chock full of families and their dogs,( and crated cats), endless treats and lots of fun!

This was Sals’ first year at the Fest and he began by barking at all the dogs in the parking lot. After calming down with some cookies from a few vendors, we visited the doggie water park and took a zip through the Gemini agility course. Dutchess arrived with my husband and all hell broke lose. TWO Airedales in one spot– imagine.

Everyone stopped us to ask about Sals’ tail and why it wasn’t docked and also to marvel at them as they were the only Airedales at the event. Dutchess felt like a real duchess.

My husband I snacked on vegan cuisine from our favorite restaurant, Buddha hut and also had some tangy Samosas from a local Indian joint. Sals also partook in samosas, and ice cream and all the cookies Dutch dropped. All food vendors were required to serve only vegetarian food which was a huge plus!

It was a day to be remembered. The pups had a blast and so did we.

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Airedales love tv.

Last night I had some trouble falling asleep so I put on a DVD Ihad rented. Charlotte’s Web. My husband was working on his blog so I brought all the dogs into bed with me.

Dutchess curls up at my feet and tries to pretend she is tiny. Keep in mind she is 60lbs. Salisbury sprawls out next to me and always puts his head on my stomach and literally purrs. Terrance doesn’t like to be any where near the airedale clan so he usually lays pathetically on the floor and sighs.

So, I started to movie thinking I was just going to fall asleep, but I was fascinated by Dutchess and Sals’ reactions to the talking animals. Everytime Wilbur the pig would jump around Dutch would get very interested and cock her head to the side as if to say, ‘ what the hell? a talking pig.’ Here is the pic to prove it.

She sat like that for literally an hour.

Sals fell asleep and started to snore which lulled me to sleep too.

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We have an animal in our house.

Sals has become wild. Something has to give.

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Dog-gone it…. everywhere

Nothing better than sitting at your desk having a working lunch when you get an email entitled: ” Today at your House” from the dog walker. ( With photo attachments) As it turns out, Salisbury decided too poop all over the house eat clothing and run around in it all. He was probably making poop angels on the floor while Dutchess just stared in disbelief at the entire situation.

So, as of today he is enrolled at Gemini Dogs .I will drop him off at daycare every Monday starting May 12th and then train with him at night, 7:45 mind you. I have never had a dog that challenged me so.

He will also be crated starting tomorrow. I am sure he will be thrilled. Curly tail and all….

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