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The Unnamed Spider who Dwells in the Bathroom

Yes two posts in one day. Get over it.

There is a spider in my upstairs bathroom. The ‘Masta’ Bath, even though its the same size as the downstairs bath. TINY- Thank you frugal New Englanders of the 1930s!

He comes from a looong line of yellowish small spiders that have lived in the bathroom for the past 70 years.  I am sure if I asked my Nana about him she would say that he has been there as long as she can remember. He looks like the spider to the left, but he is very small. spider

I have fond memories of him even though I am deathly afraid of insects. I can’t help but think of the National Geographic spiders who can take down a 300 pound bear with one shot of venom. In any case, this spider is quite docile. I have saved him a few times from drowning in the bath and he has repayed me by the lack of mosquitos in the summer. We have a great relationship. Maybe I should ask him out.

I was thinking about writing a children’s book about him. Any name suggestions ?

I was thinking Tiny? Or maybe Tolstoy- what- he can’t be a stately spider ?

I tend to name male insects and plants ‘ Herman.’ Ask anyone I know. Each job I have had with a window, 2 in total, has had a plant. There has been a variety of plants, mostly small and green in nature in a clear container basking in the sun. Whenever I leave the job I bestow the plant upon some unsuspecting soul and say,” take care of Herman,” as if I am leaving some rich legacy! They gladly oblige and hence I haven’t had any episodes with a ‘ Herman’ knocking on my door screaming, ‘ Water ME!.’


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