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DIYs Of the Week: Stressed Mommy Edition

I’ve been neglecting the blog as I have been a little busy lately. It’s been a rough few weeks what with a newly walking little person, baby proofing, borrowing a friends serger, buying a new stroller, pump and carseat, did I mention the new little walking person?!

I have decided to start compiling some fab DIYs that I have found around the web as we all know its better to make things than buy from a store. Enjoy!

DIY Mesh Bath Toy Bag from Make It and Love It

DIY Bath Toy Storage from Make It and Love It

Make me!

Mommy Baby Kitchen Towel from All for this Penny

What a great gift

Doll House Shelves from Knockoff Wood

Are you handy with a tape measure? ( I’m not)

DIY Funny Face Plates from ohdeedoh

Great gift idea!


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Quick Post: I survived my child’s birthday party…

little giraffe waits for his first cupcake photo by Emily

That’s right folks I survived my child’s birthday party entact. I deserve a t-shirt, or better yet a bumper sticker. ( writing myself a sticky to design one.)   After all the hemming and hawing, paper garland sewing, cupcake topper making, researching vegan low sugar cupcakes blahblahblah…  it all worked out ok. I will admit I ate a total of THREE, count that, THREE massive cupcakes today to get me through. I started at 4:30 this morning.  The goal of the party was to have fun all around, and boy did we have some of that.

I will be posting many a photo by our amazing photographer Mr. Jared Charney who we were privilaged to have cover the event. He does some beautiful work and is very witty.  We had beautiful vegan cupcakes that I can’t wait to eat more of. Lebanese food and prosecco made the day a delight.

The kids had a blast in a plastic pool filled with ball pit balls. When I say a blast, I mean 2 hours of non-stop rolling-around-going-to-pee-my-diaper -giggling. Best $20 we have ever spent.

Most importantly my son had a fantastic time.  Everyone says, ‘ they don’t remember the first birthday,’ we pulled out all the stops for our little giraffe because that’s how we roll. I know its a ghetto way of saying it, but- tis true. True dat.

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Get Your Thank You On…

The way I was raised, when you get a gift, you send a thank you note. In my family if you don’t send one it is as if you have committed a cardinal sin and must be penalized. ( i.e. no gifts next year) I think its important, it shows gratitude and is polite. Simply put. I don’t really care to receive them, but I do feel compelled to write them.

Now that the holidays have ceased we have a mountain of thank yous to write.  How can I get my almost-one-year old to write a note? Well, I can’t. He can express to me how much he loves the toys he received and every time I put on his adorable organic jammies he writhes around and says, ‘ OOoooooo!’ But I have been brainstorming a creative way to do notes this year.

Vintage Chica– Draw up a note with fill int he blanks! Love this idea

image from Vintage Chica

We opted for handmade ones. What can a one year old do? Handprints! Hooray!

Baby Handprints!Supplies:

Non- Toxic Paint


A Paint brush or craft sponge

A Baby

1) Seat child in a highchair  and adorn clothes you don’t mind painting in 🙂

2) Paint the child’s hand with paint and stamp away!

Tips: They aren’t going to come out perfect- your child is a baby 🙂 abstract is better anyways! 🙂

We included a little note on each card that said thanks for the gift etc and added Happy Valentine’s Day as they were red and white.

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My kid needs a big boy carseat. Can I get a hollaback?

The drama has begun as we are fast approaching the big ONE. My husband and I went to a large chain store that shall remain nameless ( because I fear that they won’t let us back in) and started our quest for the perfect, SAFE, and stylish big boy car seat. Easy right? WRONG. Brace yourselves, this is a tale…

We have been to this store at least one hundred times and pranced over to the carseat section to the high end seats. A small bird like woman began speaking ot us very fast and chirpy like. My husband looked at me as if to say, ‘ What is this woman talking about, I don’t understand her! S.O.S,’ ( translation, Save Our SON.) I quieted the woman down by saying, moreover, shouting, ‘ ALL SET, JUST LOOKING, THANKS!’ She then said something inaudible and walked away.

Car Seat

Cow Car Seat- LOVES image from

If you have ever been to the car seat aisle its kind of like a row of cars just looking at you. They all have the little tags that say their features and price. Some have flashier labels that say, ‘ Super Soft Plushy,’ seriously, plushy? How old are you ? Others are cheapy looking just waiting for the next little tushy to fill the seat.

As new parents I will admit 99% of the time WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE DOING. Juuuust winging it. Professional bullshitters. So when we embark on buying a new item for baby we research, do case studies and publish a full thesis to figure out the best possible option. But I feel like a bad parent when I am winging it purchasing a carseat, after all the child is supposed to be safe and built in cup holders can’t help in an accident. Right? ( I kid, I kid)

We tried four different seats none of which seemed to fit properly. I could put my arms in next to my sons legs even when the straps were pulled uber tight. We just couldn’t get the right fit.After speaking with THREE different associates no one had the right answer and we left with no seat and a cranky baby.

The moral of the story is we will be heading elsewhere for our seat….

I’ll be sure to update you on our progress…

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When life gives you lemons…Make Shoes.

My little one went to the library this week and all the kids were wearing shoes. It was a crisp fall day so I could see why. There my little Baylen sat, shoeless.  I looked at him and said , ” Well kid, money is tight and you don’t even walk yet. When you are old enough Mama will buy you the best shoes money can buy.” He looked back at me as if to say, ‘ Screw you, I need some new Robeez.’ That little look launched me into a creative spin of course and I found a great pattern for shoes. Tada:


My husband( my dear sweet patient husband) made the trek with me to Joann’s today to buy some fabric for Bay’s shoes. He got into it, dodging all the crazy quilters with our bolts of fabric. We decided on this really cute robot print lined with red and smoky grey cordoroy soles ( mostly because leather was out of our price range.) We also bought a green mod print I adore and a fall orange for another pair. We spent about $8.00 and went home happy.  I have enough for more pairs too!

I spent all night making these shoes. I lie, we ate dinner and made lactation cookies. Total time maybe 3 hours- but I was watching tv too. Ugh, I forgot photos of the cookie  process, but I am sure you get it. Oatmeal cookies with brewers yeast, flax meal and of course oatmeal. Here’s the finished product:

IMG_1779I have been bitching about our lack of funds but I have to say I have become ridiculously resourceful. It’s a better life this living simply and we are better for it. I do miss getting a pedi and buying shoes but hey, I get to be with Bay all day and that is payment enough. And Hey-  I can say I MADE shoes?! Who else can do that. Elves…

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6 months, how do you feel ?


When he was born I felt like I couldn’t breathe. This little thing was mine. It was my duty to take care of him for the rest of my life. So much responsibility. My heart just melted when I held him- there are no words for this feeling. It felt like a void had been filled in my heart to the poitn of overflowing.  He was crying when they weighed him and the second they brought him to me to see, he stopped. I was his mom. I was actually someone’s mom.

It’s been 6 months since little Baylen came into our lives and  I can’t imagine life without him.  My life has changed in ways I never thought it could. For starters, there is way more love in our home. My husband and I dedicate everything to our little wonder; every ounce of what we do is for him.


I temporarily let go of my career , which was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It felt like I cut off my leg at first. I was lost without the news and my phone. I felt like a fish out of water just wriggling around unable to concentrate.

I have taken a step back now and realized that, the world is still my oyster and I am not done  with my professional life yet. There are classes to take AND teach, places to see and new media to pitch for a new clients. I learned that – THE WORLD WILL NOT END IF HOLLY JOHNSON IS NOT WORKING. I can’t tell you what the cover story was for Network World this week, or the latest legislation to pass at the White House, Allure’s top beauty picks or even the top convos on Twitter, but I can tell you that Baylen had sweet potatoes and loved them. I can tell you what is on sale this week and where to find the coupon. I can also do something called baking- from scratch!~


I dreaded the term ‘stay at home mom.’ I heard the word and thought of it as a disease that I would never get. I remember being in highschool and crying when someone said that they saw my future as a SAHM wearing macaroni necklaces. I now know there is more to being a SAHM than I  could have ever fathomed. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to give my child my undivided attention for six months. It has been a blast.  I will not be a SAHM forever, but I will look back at this time fondly. I got to see my son grow up day by day. I watched him learn to smile and suck his thumb. I see him get frustrated by new toys and drift off in his swing.


The past 6 months have by no means been rosey; there have been a ton of tears, but-there is nothing like holding that little body close to mine to rock him to sleep, knowing that he is content and safe.  I get to watch each breath he takes and every tear shed when he is tired. I see the smiles and the dirty diapers. There have been many ups and downs and we have become the king and queen of living with less. I learned to breastfeed in a car for christ sake!


Breastfeeding has to be one of the hardest things I have ever done. When Bay was born he had what is called a ‘tongue-tie,’ which we now know if quite common. He came out and just wouldn’t nurse for the life of him.

All the nurses and lactation specialists said he was starving and that he needed a bottle. I refused. I knew that it wasn’t right for him. (Bear in mind, I know that many infants thrive on formula and I see nothing wrong with it. I wanted Bay to nurse for personal reasons, and you should feel comfortable with whatever works for you and your baby.) I fought them and would not give him a bottle. He did recieve formula from a tube, finger feeding.


After we brought home our little 6 pounder we finger fed him for almost a week. My husband and I were on the verge of divorce. We fought all the time and were irritable. It was so stressful and I remember thinking the crying would never end. ( Mine not his) He had his tongue tie fixed but it was still a long week before he was nursing properly.

I will never forget the day he finally latched on. My little wrinkly baby finally learned to eat, and boy did he ever. He started putting on weight like a champ and thrived.


I will admit to experiencing depression, I envy the moms that don’t. There is always this crazy feeling of being swept up in what I like to call ‘ baby frenzy.’ The nursery isn’t clean enough, does he have the latest and greatest?, the ” that is not how to change a diaper” lecture at my husband land so forth. Through the help of my husband, new mom friends, playgroup and the public library I am coping.

I don’t know what’s up next, but I welcome new challenges of parenting. I am ecstatic to be a mom and love my little one. How lucky we are to have him!

IMG_1488 HAPPY 6 months of life little Baylen of mine!

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Baby Love: Sophie Giraffe

IMG_1246My son is in love with a girl. And its not me. Sophie Giraffe has taken over in teething land. With her long legs, neck  and giggly squeaks she has won the heart of my little one.  She even has a unique sweet rubber smell. Delicious says the baby.

Sophie Giraffe

Sophie Giraffe

As the Europeans figured out the whole BPA badness before us, Sophie is BPA free and is made with food grade paint.

She retails for around $20 and is avaliable at a variety of  select retailers.

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