About Sweet Hours

IV. Time and Eternity

SWEET hours have perished here;
This is a mighty room;
Within its precincts hopes have played, —
Now shadows in the tomb.

-Emily Dickinson

I have been a Dickinson fan since I was old enough to read. Her poems are cryptic and she was a hermit, but that isn’t why I was a fan. I think it was more because I could dissect the poems to mean what I wanted without radical analysis by my english teacher or a Norton Anthology spin. This blog wasn’t created to talk about her or poetry for that matter, so I digress.

I started this blog on a Friday night after spending hours on a computer. It’s a place for me to display work, talk about the day or banter endlessly and have folks take a peek into the life of a 24 year old living in a house she has been in for most of her life-and now owns, thank you very much.  

I use run on sentences, and loathe proof reading so try and keep up. Sweet hours will perish while you read, and while I write. Don’t think of the word ‘perish’ as having a negative connotation, just think- hey, I spent a little time learning about someone else for a while.

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  1. Kathy LaRoque said

    You go girl! Glad to read that you’ve nested in your own little section of cyberspace!

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