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DIYs Of the Week: Stressed Mommy Edition

I’ve been neglecting the blog as I have been a little busy lately. It’s been a rough few weeks what with a newly walking little person, baby proofing, borrowing a friends serger, buying a new stroller, pump and carseat, did I mention the new little walking person?!

I have decided to start compiling some fab DIYs that I have found around the web as we all know its better to make things than buy from a store. Enjoy!

DIY Mesh Bath Toy Bag from Make It and Love It

DIY Bath Toy Storage from Make It and Love It

Make me!

Mommy Baby Kitchen Towel from All for this Penny

What a great gift

Doll House Shelves from Knockoff Wood

Are you handy with a tape measure? ( I’m not)

DIY Funny Face Plates from ohdeedoh

Great gift idea!


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