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Quick Post: I survived my child’s birthday party…

little giraffe waits for his first cupcake photo by Emily

That’s right folks I survived my child’s birthday party entact. I deserve a t-shirt, or better yet a bumper sticker. ( writing myself a sticky to design one.)   After all the hemming and hawing, paper garland sewing, cupcake topper making, researching vegan low sugar cupcakes blahblahblah…  it all worked out ok. I will admit I ate a total of THREE, count that, THREE massive cupcakes today to get me through. I started at 4:30 this morning.  The goal of the party was to have fun all around, and boy did we have some of that.

I will be posting many a photo by our amazing photographer Mr. Jared Charney who we were privilaged to have cover the event. He does some beautiful work and is very witty.  We had beautiful vegan cupcakes that I can’t wait to eat more of. Lebanese food and prosecco made the day a delight.

The kids had a blast in a plastic pool filled with ball pit balls. When I say a blast, I mean 2 hours of non-stop rolling-around-going-to-pee-my-diaper -giggling. Best $20 we have ever spent.

Most importantly my son had a fantastic time.  Everyone says, ‘ they don’t remember the first birthday,’ we pulled out all the stops for our little giraffe because that’s how we roll. I know its a ghetto way of saying it, but- tis true. True dat.

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