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Back to Blogging…

Hello fellow readers, its been a while. OVER a month actually. As I pick bits of avocado off my jeans let me tell you: what a month its been. Christmas has come and gone. It was sad walking the clearance aisles of Target dodging broken ornaments with shattered dreams of becoming tree bound. I finally took down the xmas decor and replaced it with lovely valentine hearts.

My son managed to avoid an abundance of  BPA filled plastic toys which made my heart happy. The family gift this year, a MacBook. I am still learning how to use it. I can’t even figure out how to spellcheck, so I apologize for spelling mistakes; not grammar ones though- those are juuussst me.

As I have mentioned each year we do a handmade gift, it was supposed to be etched glass but it didn’t pan out this year due to bad timing on my part. We opted for lemon sugar scrub and pictures of our darling boy. It was a hit.

New Year’s is gone and past, again  we ask the question- what are your New Year’s Resolutions? Or moreover, what are you going to swear you will do then completely forget by Feb 1?  Last year I looked to being more positive- hahaha, and eliminating paper towels. That one actually stuck. As of this moment there is not a single paper towel in this house. Pretty good eh?

This year I am going to resolve to “getting active” ( no, I didn’t say get skinny, or diet, or workout.) I am also looking to blogging more and enrolling in school. My other is to eliminate waste, no more crazy purchases or trashed organic bean sprouts.  We shall see what comes of these aspirations.


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