Organized Living: Tons o’Tupperware

Look at me! I am eliminating clutter from my life! This weekend I decided to purge the tupperware. I know lameo on a Saturday night- sometimes it just has to get done.

I started going thru the bunch and before I knew it the whole kitchen floor was covered in containers. Trust me this is half, I was too embarrassed to bare all.


Seriously, you would think I was of the Depression Era. I save everything. Someone may need it, it might be good for a project, excuses EXCUSES!

My husband takes his lunch daily and somehow he manages to lose lunch containers. So what was my solution? Quick Holly, get as many containers as you can find. Save them all before they go extinct!

Here’s how I weeded thru the mess in 3 easy steps:

1) Remove smelly containers and toss them! ( Moreover RECYCLE them, I craiglisted them) Most can be recyled as long as they are clean.

2) SORT by size- Determine what you actually need. Do you pack salads? Keep a few solo cups for dressing etc etc.

3) How do I pick what I need?!- Think of what you need. You don’t need 50 containers. Think of how much bulk cooking you do and start from there. I make tons of soups, chilis and rice mixes, so I opted to keep the tall containers.

We now have an organized tupperware cabinet all thanks to moi. Tupperware Utopia!

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