Getting my ducks in a Row…

Today I made an agreement with myself, Mrs. Holly Johnson. I need to stop being lazy about my home. Since baby, I have let home improvement projets go by the wayside and enough is enough.


I haven’t had any nice fodder for My Good House blog in MONTHS. I was reading thru the good ol’ bloglines and read one of my favs, ‘ Young House Love‘ the story of two people falling in love with their house and I got to thinking. I have lived in this house for 26 years, I need to get on the band wagon. I mean come on, we can really DIY it to the guilds. I vow to get that blog cracking. My first project will be revamping a terrible closet in my kitchen. Well, two. Then the kitchen. Then the bathroom and beyond…..!

OK, maybe I am a little hopped up on SUGAR.


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