DIY Baby Food!

It’s official, my little one is growing up. He’s been eating food for a week tomorrow!


I am making my own baby food. I read up online on how to do it as I was a little nervous about providing my baby with nutrition other than breastmilk , but- I have to say this was ridiculously easy. A chimp could do it. A one armed chimp at that. I chose to make sweet potato. How did I make this choice? Well, I wanted to redeem myself from the avocado. My son wasn’t terribly fond of avocado.

Step By Step Instructions-


~2 Organic Sweet Potatoes ( Made 16 servings!!!!!!)


~ Food processor or blender



~ Breast Milk Storage Bags, or BPA free Storage Containers

Step One- Get in your car or walk to your local resource for organic produce. I purchased 2 organic sweet potatoes ( 1 large, 1 medium), a bunch of organic bananas and a small bottle of lemon essential oil. The produce came to about $6.00 ( Keep in mind I went to my local natural store. They tend to have higher prices. It was raining.)

Step 2- Wash your sweet potatoes! Scrub em’ good.

Step 3- Nuke them or Bake them. Then let them cool. I was in a hurry so I put them in the freezer for a bit. Check them out chillin’ like villains in the freezer 🙂


Step 4: Cut the sweet potatoes open and scoop out the insides

IMG_1381 and put them into the blender or food processor. Here I am using a small 2 cup food chopper from Cusinart. I love this thing and use it all the time.

Step 5: Blend until smooth! Check for chunks! Look at you, you are making baby food!

Step 6:

IMG_1385Spoon the blended mixture into a large Ziploc bag. Squeeze out air as you will be making it into a piping bag. Form your piping bag.

Step 7: Cut a small hole in the tip and squeeze mixture into storage container. I used breast milk storage bags, a tip from a momma friend. What a great idea! They are BPA free and show the measurement so there is no guessing!



Step 8: Squeeze out air from bag so that it is flat. Squish mixture flat so that can easily thaw once frozen.

Step 9: Be sure to label your food. Max time in the freezer is 3 months according to some books and sites I have seen. Store horizontally!


There is no excuse not to make your own at least once. Super minimal  cleanup!


This is all I used and it was all dishwasher safe. The whole process including cleanup was about 40 minutes ( keep in mind this was my first time.) I also was wearing my son the WHOLE time!!!!! ( including photo taking) You can do this~

Just think, you are providing your child with the very best. It is an affordable and a fun activity!

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