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A t-shirt for a First Grader!

My dear friend and ROBAY partner in crime’s  daughter just started first grade today! Boy are we getting old.

When her daughter was two she was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease ie a gluten allergy. To make a long story short her birthday was coming up and I said I’d make her a shirt. She said she wanted a pink poodle shirt that said ‘ Gluten free Girl.” I convinced her into having a piece of cake with her slogan. She agreed and here it is!  I was thinking about starting a line of Ts like this!



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Recipe & Revelation!

Last night I invited a bunch of girlfriends  over for drinks as we all  needed a night out. When I came home I started freaking out over the fact that we had no ‘ good booze’ in the house or food to make appetizers with.

I ran to the store and pulled together some quick ingredients ( sadly I have no photos!!!) BUT I came to a revelation when I had an hour and a half to clean up my house and a  mere $15 – I LOVE ENTERTAINING. I think its what I want to do with my life. I want to entertain and teach people how to entertain.

I made pom spritzers with organic pomegranate juice and Korbel ( I know, yuck!) They came out really good! The second bottle I used a Martini de Rossi Asti ( Again, double yuck!) with pom and it also came out yummy.

I served two chopped bars of chocolate ( Cadbury) one dark, one milk with fresh strawberries. They were devoured.

I remembered reading inReal Simple about the beautiful veggie tart with feta. It looked impressive and I wanted to impress so I made it. It came out awesome! I am including the recipe down below.

The tart is the most simple and sinful thing to make it literally took me 5 minutes. You can use any ingredient you have around the house. Meats, veggies, cheeses- anything!

Here is the Real Simple tart:

image from Real, Potato, Leel and Feta Tart

image from Real, Potato, Leek and Feta Tart

Sweet Hours Goat Cheese, Tomato, Portobella Tart

1 store bought pie crust 9″

1 half log of goat cheese


1 portabella mushroom

1/2 jar of marinated artichokes

1 organic tomato

Cabinet Staples:

Butter, S&P,  EVOO, fresh herbs

Preheat oven to 375. Unwrap the pie crust and place on a cookie sheet. Spread on goat cheese. Place on toppings as you would a pizza. Leave a 2 inch border around the sides. Sprinkle S&P and fresh herbs. Fold the sides in towards the center. Bake for 5 mintutes. Brush on butter.  Be sure to keep checking so the tart doesn’t burn. Should take about 12 mintutes total to cook, depending on your oven.  Before serving drizzle on EVOO.

The tart will be crumbly. Be sure to use a spatula or two to transfer onto a serving dish or platter. Cut into slices or squares.


~ cream cheese, top with rasins and honey.

~ricotta, fresh peaches and honey

~spinach and feta

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New Project!

Very excited, a friend who is due in November has asked me to make her little one a mobile! I am happy to design this! I have looked at a number of blogs and I have decided on some birds with drift wood and wire for a modern twist! I will be sure to post photos.

Still working to determine fabrics looking thru the items I have, but I may have to purchase some. I have been looking at driftwood but may just use painted wood. We shall see!

I love this mobile…

Now I Know My ABCs - Decorative Hanging Mobile - Stuffed Felt Alphabet Letters -MiChiMa- ETSY

Now I Know My ABCs - Decorative Hanging Mobile - Stuffed Felt Alphabet Letters -MiChiMa- ETSY

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Organized Living: Tons o’Tupperware

Look at me! I am eliminating clutter from my life! This weekend I decided to purge the tupperware. I know lameo on a Saturday night- sometimes it just has to get done.

I started going thru the bunch and before I knew it the whole kitchen floor was covered in containers. Trust me this is half, I was too embarrassed to bare all.


Seriously, you would think I was of the Depression Era. I save everything. Someone may need it, it might be good for a project, excuses EXCUSES!

My husband takes his lunch daily and somehow he manages to lose lunch containers. So what was my solution? Quick Holly, get as many containers as you can find. Save them all before they go extinct!

Here’s how I weeded thru the mess in 3 easy steps:

1) Remove smelly containers and toss them! ( Moreover RECYCLE them, I craiglisted them) Most can be recyled as long as they are clean.

2) SORT by size- Determine what you actually need. Do you pack salads? Keep a few solo cups for dressing etc etc.

3) How do I pick what I need?!- Think of what you need. You don’t need 50 containers. Think of how much bulk cooking you do and start from there. I make tons of soups, chilis and rice mixes, so I opted to keep the tall containers.

We now have an organized tupperware cabinet all thanks to moi. Tupperware Utopia!

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Mom Friendly: Smell Pretty All Day!

Toms New Long-Lasting Deodorant

Tom's New Long-Lasting Deodorant

So you ask: Why is my deodorant ( moreover antiperspirant) bad? Well, here is the  simple answer: aluminum ( in many deos) has been linked to Alzheimer’s and if that isn’t good enough, breast cancer , lymph node issues etc etc

For years I looked, searched, tested and purchased millions of au natural deodorants. NONE worked, by the end of the day ( even sitting at a cushy desk job) I stank and had to revert back to my stash of Dove.

Well it’s a beautiful day, I have found one that actually works! Tom’s of Maine ( yes the toothpaste folks) have developed a super hero deodorant that won’t kill you slowly!

Made with hops to inhibit growth of odor- causing bacteria  and zinc ricinoleate ( say that five times fast!) sourced from castor beans absorbs bad smells. Best of all it offers 24 , count that, 24 hours of protection.

I was amazed. The only reason I purchased it was due to a coupon. The first day I wore it was a hot one ( 85) and I smelled pretty all day long. My husband even said, wow you smell good. I chose the Beautiful Earth Scent. Stop by Whole Foods ( $ 4.99) or your local health food store today.

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Getting my ducks in a Row…

Today I made an agreement with myself, Mrs. Holly Johnson. I need to stop being lazy about my home. Since baby, I have let home improvement projets go by the wayside and enough is enough.


I haven’t had any nice fodder for My Good House blog in MONTHS. I was reading thru the good ol’ bloglines and read one of my favs, ‘ Young House Love‘ the story of two people falling in love with their house and I got to thinking. I have lived in this house for 26 years, I need to get on the band wagon. I mean come on, we can really DIY it to the guilds. I vow to get that blog cracking. My first project will be revamping a terrible closet in my kitchen. Well, two. Then the kitchen. Then the bathroom and beyond…..!

OK, maybe I am a little hopped up on SUGAR.

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