A Nice Break

IMG_1002I was just reading a NYT story on KIND bars. You have most likely seen them if you are a pseudo health nut like myself.  They satisfy my nut and coconut cravings while marathon shopping with Bay. The story talks about the company’s big break with Starbucks and how it was many years in the making.

People ask, how is it being a SAHM, well, I am loving being a mom at home with her baby, BUT I am far from just a stay at home. I pitch daily. I pitch like my life depends on it, as well, it does. I pitch ROBAY STUDIO  constantly. I have been known to stay up til 3 pitching us to stores and there is always those feedings at the computer or while on the phone. In any case, this isn’t a post about me pitching ROBAY, I wanted to talk about that big break. I wonder how the universe decides, ok, you have been working hard enough, here is your big break.  While working for agencies my ‘ breaks’ always seem to come when I was literally on the verge of breaking. I would surrender to the universe and say, ‘ I give up, you win.’ Is that what it takes?

 I wonder…

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