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Mom Friendly: Floral Waters

IMG_1265Ok moms, this is quite the splurge, BUT if you get a gift card and have the chance to buy this stuff do it!

I had a gift card to Bella Sante in Boston and with the lack of time in the city and the little one I had to spend the card on products instead of fabulous services. I know– poor me.

Well, Julie Hewett is a makeup designer in LA and has a gorgeous line of products. I purchased this Pure Persian Rose Water for $24 and am in love. I use it all the time!  Yes, I know its just water infused with rose petals but a girl as to feel pretty right ? It is a great face refresher for tired eyes as well as dry skin. Last night I went out for my birthday and used it to set bronzer. It is a definite must have and splurge.

As I won’t always have lovely gift cards to utilize I plan on making my own spritzer in the coming months. Here is a recipe from Tip Nut!  I  have a ton of lavender in the garden and may try that too!

Items Needed:

Fresh rose petals
Distilled Water

For every 1 firmly packed cup of rose petals, pour 2 cups boiling water over top. Cover and steep until the liquid is cool. Strain, squeeze out the liquid from the petals, and refrigerate the rose water in a sterilized jar


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Baby Love: Sophie Giraffe

IMG_1246My son is in love with a girl. And its not me. Sophie Giraffe has taken over in teething land. With her long legs, neck  and giggly squeaks she has won the heart of my little one.  She even has a unique sweet rubber smell. Delicious says the baby.

Sophie Giraffe

Sophie Giraffe

As the Europeans figured out the whole BPA badness before us, Sophie is BPA free and is made with food grade paint.

She retails for around $20 and is avaliable at a variety of  select retailers.

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Reflections on Yet Another Birth-day

And today is my birthday. Today I turn 26.

I feel old. I know that is terrible to say especially since there are many older than me but, I think I say it because I feel like I have lived a long life.

When I was little, I used to dream of the day when I would be  10, then 15, then 16, then of course 21. Now I really would like the birthdays to come and go without a hoorah.

Its interesting if you think about it;we celebrate the day we were born each year. The question is why? Is it ‘ Yay, we survived another year?’ or is it ‘ How wonderful the earth is with me on it, let us celebrate having this loved one in our lives.’

I never really ‘got’ the concept of birthdays. Was it Hallmark who really made them exciting? Perhaps its the gifts? It must be the gifts. The last birthday gift I can really remember nearly jumping out of my skin with excitement for was the Kirsten American Girl doll at my 13th birthday. My mother decided to throw me an impromtu party. I fear that it was due to the fact that I hadn’t had one since I was 2 or 3. In any case, the theme of the party was pointe shoes.  Everything was adorned with pointe shoes.

My grandmother had asked me, what do you want for your birthday? Back then, I had answers. I perused the Amercian Girl catalog and doggeared the pages that I wanted. I was torn between the beautifully blonde and simple Kirsten, and the dashingly delightful brunette Samantha. Now I am not sure if you are familar with these dolls, they are like 100$ and are very pretty to a little girl. They have sets of clothing like pinafores and props like cherry cakes and teacarts. They are divine.

I remember getting to the party. My mother told me beforehand to act surprised. So I did, and I deserved an emmy moreover an academy award. I walked in and a few relatives shouted, ‘ Surprise!’ and I guess I was surprised. Surprised that I was very excited about this birthday party. My eyes eagerly panned the room with excitement searching for that long box which would contain my beloved doll. There it was, sitting ever so neatlyon the fireplace stoop.

We had to get through dinner and birthday cake before I could open the box. I made sure we hurried. When it was time to open presents I opened every other present first before the illustrious box. I recieved photobooks, cards with money, an outfit from ‘ The Limited’ and a few other things. It was time to open the box, I remember my palms sweating and feeling like it was the most special day I had ever lived through.

I peeled the floral paper back ever so slightly. The box was white and shiny; I peeled back the tape that kept the box closed. I opened the lid and pulled back the tissue paper gently. There was her smiling face. She had such a beautiful face. I remember stroking her blonde hair and thinking, I wish I had hair like that, then I would be happy. She wore a beautiful  high collar cotton blue dress with a crisp apron. Around her neck was a beautiful amber heart necklace. She came with a book all about her life in the New World and her trip from Sweden. I loved her instantly.

I also recieved her birthday outfit, a beautiful pink and white checked dress with apron and a crown of daisys. She also had a winter outfit, with a heavy felt skirt, perfect for snowshoeing!

To be honest, I have no idea where she resides today. I feel terrible about it as she was so important to me. She is either in my basement amongst my childhood things or in my little sisters closet as Kate recieved a lookalike doll named Kate. Kirsten and Kate had many a teaparty.

Today I woke up with a new doll in my arms, my 5 month old beautiful gurgling baby boy. He is the greatest gift I have ever recieved.

I will look back fondly on this birthday, as this is the first birthday he and I have shared together. No need for cards, clothes or dolls, I have my little baby boy.

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A Nice Break

IMG_1002I was just reading a NYT story on KIND bars. You have most likely seen them if you are a pseudo health nut like myself.  They satisfy my nut and coconut cravings while marathon shopping with Bay. The story talks about the company’s big break with Starbucks and how it was many years in the making.

People ask, how is it being a SAHM, well, I am loving being a mom at home with her baby, BUT I am far from just a stay at home. I pitch daily. I pitch like my life depends on it, as well, it does. I pitch ROBAY STUDIO  constantly. I have been known to stay up til 3 pitching us to stores and there is always those feedings at the computer or while on the phone. In any case, this isn’t a post about me pitching ROBAY, I wanted to talk about that big break. I wonder how the universe decides, ok, you have been working hard enough, here is your big break.  While working for agencies my ‘ breaks’ always seem to come when I was literally on the verge of breaking. I would surrender to the universe and say, ‘ I give up, you win.’ Is that what it takes?

 I wonder…

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4th of July!

Happy 4th to you and yours! Here are some pictures from our day.

We attended a Vegan 4th in Onset, MA. Had a blast and met some really awesome people.











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I baked again and you get to hear about it.

IMG_0987Today, I baked again. I actually made a real chocolate cake. I am so impressed with myself I can hardly stand it. Yes I had a baby and that was hard but there is something about the combination of flour, sugar, butter and eggs that freaked me out to no end. The Kitchen-aid Mixer gave me chills.

In any case I worked up the courage as I was on a tight budget for my husbands 33rd, yes 33rd birthday. Normally, I would have just gone to the baking aisle, grabbed a Duncan Heinz box and had at it, but this time was different. I purchased coca powder and butter. Real butter. Not half fat, organic , vegan or any other, real store brand butter. My son looked at me as if to say, ‘ Get ready mom, I’m going to have a ton of birthdays.’

I searched online for the perfect recipe and decided on the Hershey’s recipe. The only mistake I made was not melting the butter before I made the frosting. It called specifically for melted butter, and I being me thought, ‘who the heck are they to tell me to melt my butter. ‘ Well, I guess I should have as it was a little chunky… I nuked it.. then had to recongeal it in the freezer. BUT, it came out wonderfully. I am actually enjoying a piece as I type.

I think the fear of baking comes from my dad. He was infact a wonderful baker, professional baker who made all sorts of pies, cakes, breads etc. He used to make me these apple turnovers that I devoured until I reached childhood obesity. I kid I kid. No really. But in any case, baking was always his thing. I have fond memories of him letting me and a friend cut lose in the kitchen by making ‘everthing’ pizzas with everything on them. Sprinkles, chocolate chips, pizza cheese, cherries, apple filling, pumpkin. You name it, it was on it. Absolutely disgusting, but  I had the time of my life.

As I have spent the past 5 and a half months at home I have had the privilege to explore the domestic arts. I am loving every minute of it.

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