Mom Friendly: California Baby


As an ex-beauty product junkie- who am I kidding I will always love a good lipstick or shower gel- I am in love with California Baby products. They are all-natural to the millionth degree and work great. As I am nursing the little one I have made it my mission to steer clear of chemicals. This company has all the essentials for mom and of course baby.

California Baby Calming Shampoo & Bodywash

California Baby Calming Shampoo & Bodywash

Baby Baylen uses their Calming Shampoo and Bodywash.  We love it as it contains organic and sustainable materials. His skin is always soft and clean without over drying. The lovely smell of lavender fills the bathroom and calms him during his evening bath.

California Baby Calendula Cream

California Baby Calendula Cream

My new favorite Cali Baby product is the Calendula cream. I have eczema and NOTHING has helped it like this cream. Calendula has been used for healing for years and also has restorative properties. Ladies this also is a lush night cream. And for 12$ it won’t break the bank.
The company also has a wealth of sunscreens and diapering creams.

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