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You are getting sleepy…

feetLife is happy yet stressful for all involved:)

Bay and I had a busy day today. We had a last mintute trip to Andover ( the ol’stomping grounds) to bid congrats to a friend that is moving on to a new job. We then took a trip to Whole Foods. I don’t know why, but I always end up feeding him in the car at a Whole Foods. Hilarious.

Business is good, we are trying to keep up at this point. We have some orders and now have to just hop to. I have been uber tired lately. Maybe because I am up at 1 AM? We have narrowed our focus to baby items so that we can really get into that market then we can branch off and do more.

Baylen is good. Learning more and more each day. He amazes me, he really does. Every smile lights up my day. Everytime I want to throw in the towel he giggles and gurgles and I think wow, what a kid.

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bibs bibs and more bibs!

I feel like Ihave been sewing bibs for life, but finally we have some posted at the store! Here is a photo of Mr. B that didn’t make it, but cute nonetheless. He looks stunned. Haha.


Anyone catch Tyra today ? All about Black hair. LOVED it. Thank you Tyra!

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Scrappy Turtle

Scrap Turtle

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Mom Friendly: Boston GreenScene:Cloth Diapering Examined


My guest blog post appeared on Boston GreenScene today! It’s all about the journey with cloth diapers. Be sure to check it out and send it to all the moms you know and future moms out there.

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How do you manage your blogs?

Today it hit me, I have 3 count em 3 blogs! Good lord and THREE twitter ids and a million email addresses. Its because they are all for different things and personas. Luckily WordPress has just one dashboard for all, but I wish twitter had the same option.

I collect blogs lol. Maybe I should just combine MyGoodHouse with this one. Not sure.

How many blogs do you have?

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robay studio open for business!

picfontbannerYay! Yay! Yay! Spent the past few weeks putting together my etsy shop! So excited! Today I put together yet another blog and twitter id to manage for it. So much to do!

Sewing bibs like a mad woman. Just sold a lot of pincushions to The Fabric Stash in Charlton. Very exciting time.

Today I posted the Barbar tote, my personal favorite. When I was a kid I was obsessed with this little french elephant. He was my inspiration for this versatile tote!


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Mom Friendly:

Someone read my mind! Finally an ap for blackberry and the iphone to find toliets ! They even list if there is a changing area. I have sent a note that they should add if they have an area for nursing as well.!

Whoo hoo!

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