Baby Modeling?

ring1When I was pregnant, not only was I thinking, god I have let myself go, but wow, I really hope I don’t have an ugly baby. Please lord don’t let me have an ugly baby.

People say, ‘oh there are no ugly babies.’ Um, oh yes there are. I have seen plenty in my day. Anyone remember that Seinfeld episode?

I think Baylen is a doll but will others? My husband and I ponder, should we submit him to an agency? Why not, hes only 2 months old and could be making some money for college just using his face and cute bum. What’s the harm?


Here are a few shots from a fun little shoot Baylen did for Boston  photographer Katie Ring. She needed some babies to photograph. ring2

Be sure to check out Katie’s photos on flickr!

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  1. Christine Comey said

    It’s worth a shot to try! I think he’s adorable . There was a Boston Globe article on that subject a few months ago:

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