Mom Friendly: Crunchy Granola Baby


After a fab late lunch Baylen and I ditched the stroller for the Moby wrap and went in search of a restroom. I should start a blog all about New England restrooms and the lack there of. As a person with an abnormally small bladder I know most of the public restrooms in Boston, Andover and Worcester, but Salem is new ground.
FYI Dunkin donuts near Ben &Jerrys has one for patrons only.

Crunchy Granola Baby on Washington Street is an adorably friendly store. We went in and were warmly greeted by staff and tons of little ones running underfoot.

The store is an environmentalist’s dream chock full of buttery soft organic clothing, cloth diapering needs, toys and other green baby paraphenalia. They offer workshops and parenting groups. There is even a little place for kids to play and moms to nurse!

We bought an organic cotton and wood teether and  organic diaper cover. Baylen just loves the teether, can’t believe he is teething at 2 months, but he is!

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