Sunday as a mom

Long day…  but, I did get some great pictures of the little one, took a walk, visted Nana in her new digs and made chicken pot pie for Jesse- WOW what a multi-tasker! Sometimes I feel like superwoman, seriously.

Warning, this may turn into a mommy-esque blog. Oh god. There I said it.

As Easter looms everyone and their mother ( literally) has been hounding us for pictures of Baylen. I thought about bringing him someplace to get them done like Target, but the thought of subjecting my beautiful infant son to the likes of a Target photographer, nahhhh. Come to think of it I don’t think I have posted any photos here on the blog. Well, here they are:



Yes, I know, a photo with the pacifer, but- he was getting tired.



He still has that wide eyed infant look as his eyes still learn to focus, but still a pretty cute one.


I put my baby in an easter basket and took a picture, I am officially a mother. A frugal one at best.

I just can’t stop taking pictures of him and sharing them witht he world. I think he’s cute, but who knows if you will. I always said I would avoid the madness of broadcasting my kid to the world via blog or facebook, but get ready people we have a small video camera.

Motherhood has been the most amazing journey so far and I am SO lucky to have the opportunity to be part of his little life. Each day he does something new and I am like wow, what a cool kid.

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