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I baked!

Today I baked again! This is the 2nd time:) I was just too busy before running around in a million different directions for a million people.

In my oven there are yummy chocolate chip cookies baking to perfection. I despise recipes, I think that’s why I fought against my inner baker for so long. My father owned a bakery, ‘ Holly’s Pantry,’ where he made an assortment of cookies, pastries, breads and pies. So you could say it’s in my blood.

Baylen is asleep in his swing. He’s tuckered out after a round of shots at his 2 month apointment yesterday. I had a chance to take photos for my upcoming Etsy shop and work on some more product. I was also able to fold baby laundry and wash round of cloth diapers. Pretty productive today.

I am pumped to be going out tonite with the girls.


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Baby Modeling?

ring1When I was pregnant, not only was I thinking, god I have let myself go, but wow, I really hope I don’t have an ugly baby. Please lord don’t let me have an ugly baby.

People say, ‘oh there are no ugly babies.’ Um, oh yes there are. I have seen plenty in my day. Anyone remember that Seinfeld episode?

I think Baylen is a doll but will others? My husband and I ponder, should we submit him to an agency? Why not, hes only 2 months old and could be making some money for college just using his face and cute bum. What’s the harm?


Here are a few shots from a fun little shoot Baylen did for Boston  photographer Katie Ring. She needed some babies to photograph. ring2

Be sure to check out Katie’s photos on flickr!

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Mom Friendly: Crunchy Granola Baby


After a fab late lunch Baylen and I ditched the stroller for the Moby wrap and went in search of a restroom. I should start a blog all about New England restrooms and the lack there of. As a person with an abnormally small bladder I know most of the public restrooms in Boston, Andover and Worcester, but Salem is new ground.
FYI Dunkin donuts near Ben &Jerrys has one for patrons only.

Crunchy Granola Baby on Washington Street is an adorably friendly store. We went in and were warmly greeted by staff and tons of little ones running underfoot.

The store is an environmentalist’s dream chock full of buttery soft organic clothing, cloth diapering needs, toys and other green baby paraphenalia. They offer workshops and parenting groups. There is even a little place for kids to play and moms to nurse!

We bought an organic cotton and wood teether and  organic diaper cover. Baylen just loves the teether, can’t believe he is teething at 2 months, but he is!

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Mom Friendly: New England Soup Factory Salem, MA

In Salem today, Bay just had his first photo shoot with Katie Ring of Ring Images. Bay is fast on the track to baby modeling.

After the shoot I was starving and wandered over to the NE Soup Factory. I just love soup, so I was happy as a clam. On special today they had a lobster newburg with jasmine rice. Yum! Here I sit loving this soup blogging.

This place is über kid friendly, plenty of room to wheel the giant stroller around. Large bathroom for patrons only (no changing area.)

Prices are reasonable. I’m stuffed for 8.65 including an all natural soda. Feel free to sample the soup before you commit to a whole cup! ( great for the picky toddler.)

On to shopping…

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Sunday as a mom

Long day…  but, I did get some great pictures of the little one, took a walk, visted Nana in her new digs and made chicken pot pie for Jesse- WOW what a multi-tasker! Sometimes I feel like superwoman, seriously.

Warning, this may turn into a mommy-esque blog. Oh god. There I said it.

As Easter looms everyone and their mother ( literally) has been hounding us for pictures of Baylen. I thought about bringing him someplace to get them done like Target, but the thought of subjecting my beautiful infant son to the likes of a Target photographer, nahhhh. Come to think of it I don’t think I have posted any photos here on the blog. Well, here they are:



Yes, I know, a photo with the pacifer, but- he was getting tired.



He still has that wide eyed infant look as his eyes still learn to focus, but still a pretty cute one.


I put my baby in an easter basket and took a picture, I am officially a mother. A frugal one at best.

I just can’t stop taking pictures of him and sharing them witht he world. I think he’s cute, but who knows if you will. I always said I would avoid the madness of broadcasting my kid to the world via blog or facebook, but get ready people we have a small video camera.

Motherhood has been the most amazing journey so far and I am SO lucky to have the opportunity to be part of his little life. Each day he does something new and I am like wow, what a cool kid.

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