New Year’s Resolutions…

Happy New Year!

Wow, its been a while. Since Thanksgiving I believe. Nothing really new in my house except the arrival of our child. Yes, I am still pregnant- and that this point, ugh, so over it. I think I was over it before it began!And to top it all off I have a hideous cold, and when I say hideous, I mean I am even more hideous now than before,  9 months pregnant and sick, YUM. Sexy.

We all subscribe ourselves to New Year’s resolutions and usually blow them by MLK Day, but last year I set myself up for success ( don’t think I am perfect, I only was able to do ONE of them!) Last year, I pledged to significantly reduce my consumption of plastic bags in our home. I bought reusable store bags and toted them everywhere I went. It worked! When I go to CVS for toothpaste and what not, if I don’t have a bag, I put it in my purse. If I forget my bags and I am doing a last minute grocery shopping, I challenge myself to load up my purse and cart and bring the items sans bags to the car. Yes, I do get looks of death from the clerks but I always say- ” I saved a plastic tree today,” and smile and usually they do too.

This year- my realistic resoultions consist of:

1) Reducing the usage of paper towels in my home.

Am I crazy? Yes- with the bambino on the way we have been shredding rags and purchasing reusable cloths like mad. We can do it. We have to. Think of the paper towel trees we shall save! We are reserving paper towels use to puppy accidents only.

2) Work to be more positive in all aspects of life.

This one is harder than the paper towels one. Whether its letting the stress of the day go and basking in the little positives of life ( a dogs grin, sunny days or water with ice and lemon) I need to take a step back and mold my life to be more positive. This one is going to take quite a bit of work, but I think that the birth of my son ( can you believe I am having a SON?!  I am still in shock. ) will help me to take a step back and focus on the more important things in life. Accentuate the positive.

I am sticking to two this year. Just two. Good luck to me and good luck to you. I will be sure to keep you updated on the progress.

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