Lunch time!

whats in your lunch box?

what's in your lunch box?

In moments I will be heating up my Trader J’s Pasta with Pomodoro sauce. Spaghetti to be exact. Got me thinking, what is your favorite recession lunch?
I went through a PB&J phase, I swear its a super food, a little bit of whole grains, protein and of course sugar. Soup bowls are in, but what else is there. I wanna hear your thoughts….

I am so jealous of my husband he is out to lunch right now.



  1. Kolbi said

    We are all about leftovers or various frozen items. P can eat a pot pie (with 700 calories and 54 grams of fat, thank you) and not gain an ounce. Me? Lean Cuisine. Ha!

    How was the Trader Joe’s spaghetti? I’ve wondered if they are good.

    I also get jealous whenever P gets to go out to lunch.

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