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Guess what we are getting for Xmas?

Being a homeowner is expensive!

Being a homeowner is expensive!

No mac for us this year, Merry Christmas says the Peterson’s Oil man- You are getting a boiler.

So far this year we have bought a pellet stove, put in 5 new windows, two new floors ( thank you IKEA),  made the deck safe and last but not least are having a baby. We thought we would have the bathroom done in 08′, but looks like that isn’t going to happen.

It could be worse, we are lucky to have a home.


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Lunch time!

whats in your lunch box?

what's in your lunch box?

In moments I will be heating up my Trader J’s Pasta with Pomodoro sauce. Spaghetti to be exact. Got me thinking, what is your favorite recession lunch?
I went through a PB&J phase, I swear its a super food, a little bit of whole grains, protein and of course sugar. Soup bowls are in, but what else is there. I wanna hear your thoughts….

I am so jealous of my husband he is out to lunch right now.

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Home on a Saturday Night

Its interesting how pregnancy makes you a homebody- except for when I am at work- I am home with the dogs eating a pint of alpine ice with a dog at my feet.

After swimming, I am home and tried to take a nap. was calling and I watched a few episodes of The Office. Still watching. Kind of addicting.

Its Saturday night and I really should be doing something more productive than sitting here, but I am so freaking tired. No matter how long I rest, or sleep its never enough. It has been a hmm, what is the word… interesting week? Is that a good way to describe it? After swimming last week, I came down with a cold- thought- this will be the day that I die, and curled up for the rest of the weekend. The week went by with all its bumps and low and behold I am here back on the couch- with the dogs.

Yeah, I know, this post isn’t interesting. That’s ok- they can’t all be novel. Right ? 🙂

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