Pregnancy Post: NY Times: Baby, You’re Home

Told you I would label it a pregnancy post! Blogging during lunch, at my desk.

Was reading the NY Times today and discovered an article on home births I found fascinating and had to share. Nestled in the Home & Garden section is the article entitled: Baby, You’re Home all about moms in NYC who have opted for home births and interviews with docs for and against them. The slide show depicts moms in pain and also the bliss of holding their new child in their arms for the first time.

So I know as soon as I post this people will start to debate- OMG is she considering a home birth?! Take a breather folks- I don’t know what I am doing, this is my first time.  I think that its an interesting notion- your home is a place of security , well-being, and comfort and wouldn’t you want to bring your child into that environment as long as it was safe to do so? But on the other hand, wow, I mean wow takes guts to do that. I applaud these women for their courage.

Even before your child is born you have to pick pediatricians and what type of birth and all the things that fill the nursery and blah blah blah – but at the end of the day, you have a child, which is pretty neato if you ask me.

One more thing- I am AMAZED at this child’s rapid grow rate right now. He has grown so much that I actually had to go our an buy maternity shirts!  Plus, he is kicking up a storm, mostly at night. But wow!


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  1. Just stumbled in here, and wanted to say that I had a hospital birth with my first, and a home birth with my second. I would choose home birth any day over a hospital birth. It was an incredible experience. Ahh. It’s been two years since I had my son, and I still gush about it. Definitely read more into home birth! Read lots and lots of home birth stories – those are what really helped me the most with my second. Oh, and anything written by Sheila Kitzinger is a wonderful read. Rediscovering Childbirth was one of the best books I read while pregnant.

    Good luck! And I hope you have a wonderful birth, wherever you decide to go 🙂

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