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Pregnancy Post: NY Times: Baby, You’re Home

Told you I would label it a pregnancy post! Blogging during lunch, at my desk.

Was reading the NY Times today and discovered an article on home births I found fascinating and had to share. Nestled in the Home & Garden section is the article entitled: Baby, You’re Home all about moms in NYC who have opted for home births and interviews with docs for and against them. The slide show depicts moms in pain and also the bliss of holding their new child in their arms for the first time.

So I know as soon as I post this people will start to debate- OMG is she considering a home birth?! Take a breather folks- I don’t know what I am doing, this is my first time.  I think that its an interesting notion- your home is a place of security , well-being, and comfort and wouldn’t you want to bring your child into that environment as long as it was safe to do so? But on the other hand, wow, I mean wow takes guts to do that. I applaud these women for their courage.

Even before your child is born you have to pick pediatricians and what type of birth and all the things that fill the nursery and blah blah blah – but at the end of the day, you have a child, which is pretty neato if you ask me.

One more thing- I am AMAZED at this child’s rapid grow rate right now. He has grown so much that I actually had to go our an buy maternity shirts!  Plus, he is kicking up a storm, mostly at night. But wow!

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Friday and a baby hippo

Congratulations, we made it to Friday. What a week!

Since I was a kid I have had an obsession with all things animal mostly lambs, pigs, moo cows ( yes I am 25 and still call them moo cows- and I get excited and squeal when I see them on the highway.)  I found this video today on CNN of a rare baby HIPPO! SO cute. It will make you smile.

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Question 3


Just read this article in the Globe, and I have to say thank you to all of Massachusetts for voting to end dog racing.This is a new era that won’t stand for the mistreatment of thousands of animals.

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The bathroom part deux

Three paychecks later, we have finally bought a toilet and had the pipe repaired by a REAL plumber! Had to share. The toilet is a High Efficiency toilet that only uses 1.25 gallons of water, compared to our last at 3.5 I think that is a vast improvement.

photoBill the plumber came tonight and repaired a pipe by cutting it back and replacing portions. The sink hasn’t worked properly in about 10 years. The culprit was years and years of gross build up.

This weekend Jesse plans on helping some friends move then installing the brand new window. Next paycheck we will be putting up wall board and installing a new fan as well as updating electrical. After that, we may be able to start tiling depending on the funds.

Its a work in progress, but its moving!

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Voting with and for the unborn

Wow, can you believe it ? He won, he really won! I am still not over my shock and disbelief.

I will never forget where I was when I heard that Obama had been voted President of the United States. It was 3:30 AM and I was up due to the unborn squirming around and I sleepily remembered the election. Jumped on my phone and there it was on the mobile version of, ‘ Obama elected, Change has come to America.’ With that, I went right back to sleep with dreams of change and prosperity.

I rushed out of work on Tuesday so that I could make it to my polling station before it closed, thanks to Mel Gibson I sat in my car on 495 for 1 hour and 15 min. Apparently there was one of his new movies in progress filming in a rest area. Seriously? On election day ? How selfish. ANYWAY- Dashed home to let the dogs out and off we went.

Arrive to the polls at 715 and waited in no line! As I walked to the voting area thinking, wow, I am carrying my child to the polls and voting for a African American president for the first time and more importantly I am voting for someone I truly believe has the good of the American public at heart. It was empowering, exciting and unbelievably emotional. I thought of all that had come before me that had to fight for the right to vote as African Americans and women and marked my vote for Obama. Proudly.

My husband and I walked out smiling from ear to ear, hand in hand thinking the cliche phrase, ‘ Yes we can.’

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