Halloween and pregnant

Celebrate! Its Halloween,  its Friday, and its payday!

So this is my first Halloween pregnant. I celebrated by hitting up Goodwill. After dodging college kids picking out their costumes I was able to find a couple of cute things for the baby. ( organic muslin colored sweater with an owl on it, yellow sleep sac and a cute towely hooded thing with tags still attached! All for 5$!!!! )

Ugh, okay I know, I said I would not turn this into a pregnancy blog, but its the biggest most interesting thing in my life right now, so oh well… read on if you like, skip it if you want… I will be sure to prompt each pregnancy post with a pregnancy header.

Wanted to welcome a new blog, Informed Parents, Happy Babies that I have added to my blogroll.  Had the pleasure of taking a cloth diapering class at MoCo and loved it. Jesse and I will be taking an infant care class there as well as some birthing classes. Wonderful enviroment with supportive people, beautiful place! Very excited that I found this place to guide us through this crazy time.

When you become pregnant its like this foreign thing that happens- hard to explain- everyone has something to say and advice to give. I have never been pregnant before, so what do I know? But I have to say,  I have heard it all:

Enjoy your pregnancy, pregnancy sucks, are you having an epidural, what are you naming him, is your baby going to eat meat and drink milk, does it feel like an alien, motherhood is wonderful, use cloth diapers, cloth diapers are messy, you shouldn’t feel so tired, are you taking your viatmins,  is the nursery done, what on earth are you going to do with the dogs.’

WOW, is all I can say, when did something so personal become SO public? And I don’t mean the, ‘ how are you feeling questions,’ as its nice to know people care, but, every pregnancy is different, everyone has their own experiences and it may not be the same as what you felt or what you have heard.

I think that its important to take control of your own pregancy allow who you want in and keep the rest to yourself and family. I spent the first couple months trying to do that, but its hard, because it is such a monumental thing that is happening and everyone wants all the details.

In any case, moving on… can I just say, Jesse is SO excited about the baby he can hardly contain himself.He has been puttering around the house fixing things, cleaning, laundry etc like a mad man. I LOVE it.

This weekend my goal is buying a crib. Stay tuned for that adventure…

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  1. mommajmf said

    Holly! I love your blog, and thanks for saying nice things about MoCo in it! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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