And the day is… Friday!

I literally dragged my poor husband to the grocery store last night. Actually 2, count them 2 grocery stores. His reward, cheese puffs. More like cheese doodles. He pleaded with me as we passed the junk food aisle, ” Please honey, we eat so healthy all the time.” For the first time, I said yes. A top my fridge is a big ol’ bag of cheese doodles.Inside its still organic and or mostly vegetarian.

For the weekend, we are pimping out the house with all things fall. I need to get on making some wreaths. I have been putting it off, don’t tell MyGoodHouse. Apple picking is scheduled for tomorrow, I will post pictures next week. I am soooo looking forward to the crisp air and the buffet of all the apples. Did I mention I am addicted to apples?

Jesse and I are thinking about getting another dog, hahahahaha. No, I am just kidding, can you imagine 4? 4 terriers? If I ever get 4 please call Oprah because I am officially a dog hoarder and need help. I was going to say that I just scheduled Sals’ appointment to be neutered. He is thrilled. Poor thing. But its an important thing to do.

In baby news, appointment on Monday, just a check up. Nothing fun. Little guy has been moving around the past week a lot which has been interesting. I was in a meeting and he started moving, startled the bejebus outta me. Whew.

Enough for now.

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