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Wine before birth= Better Behaved Kids?

What do we think of this article,

Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) — Expecting mothers who have an alcoholic drink or two a week do no harm to their unborn children and may have sons who are better behaved, a study said.”

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Halloween and pregnant

Celebrate! Its Halloween,  its Friday, and its payday!

So this is my first Halloween pregnant. I celebrated by hitting up Goodwill. After dodging college kids picking out their costumes I was able to find a couple of cute things for the baby. ( organic muslin colored sweater with an owl on it, yellow sleep sac and a cute towely hooded thing with tags still attached! All for 5$!!!! )

Ugh, okay I know, I said I would not turn this into a pregnancy blog, but its the biggest most interesting thing in my life right now, so oh well… read on if you like, skip it if you want… I will be sure to prompt each pregnancy post with a pregnancy header.

Wanted to welcome a new blog, Informed Parents, Happy Babies that I have added to my blogroll.  Had the pleasure of taking a cloth diapering class at MoCo and loved it. Jesse and I will be taking an infant care class there as well as some birthing classes. Wonderful enviroment with supportive people, beautiful place! Very excited that I found this place to guide us through this crazy time.

When you become pregnant its like this foreign thing that happens- hard to explain- everyone has something to say and advice to give. I have never been pregnant before, so what do I know? But I have to say,  I have heard it all:

Enjoy your pregnancy, pregnancy sucks, are you having an epidural, what are you naming him, is your baby going to eat meat and drink milk, does it feel like an alien, motherhood is wonderful, use cloth diapers, cloth diapers are messy, you shouldn’t feel so tired, are you taking your viatmins,  is the nursery done, what on earth are you going to do with the dogs.’

WOW, is all I can say, when did something so personal become SO public? And I don’t mean the, ‘ how are you feeling questions,’ as its nice to know people care, but, every pregnancy is different, everyone has their own experiences and it may not be the same as what you felt or what you have heard.

I think that its important to take control of your own pregancy allow who you want in and keep the rest to yourself and family. I spent the first couple months trying to do that, but its hard, because it is such a monumental thing that is happening and everyone wants all the details.

In any case, moving on… can I just say, Jesse is SO excited about the baby he can hardly contain himself.He has been puttering around the house fixing things, cleaning, laundry etc like a mad man. I LOVE it.

This weekend my goal is buying a crib. Stay tuned for that adventure…

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Money and the holidays fast approaching…

Today, I looked at the calendar and we are almost done with October. Can you believe it ? Neither can I.

If my wallet could speak it would actually scream profanities about how everything is going up but the amount being inserted in remains the same. Groceries have gone up and our husband is now limited to meat twice a week and  me fish once every two. Designer coffee daily is off limits and we now return every can and bottle we come in contact with.

We will survive, my grandmothers both remind me of times that were worse. We live in a society where consumption is king and it is difficult to  not make that weekly trip to Target to peruse the shiny shelves and gather up items that will collect clutter or end up in a pile on the bottom of our closets. My new shopping fix is Goodwill, my kid is going to be a snappy dresser. I found a Hanna Andersen coat for 1.99$!

With the holidays fast approaching- apparently Newbury Street has hung their holiday lights- I am pondering what I will make for gifts this year. Last year I made nifty plants in mason jars, big hit so this year I feel like I have to top it. My husband and I are thinking homemade salad dressings as well as a few wreathes. For the kiddies I am making crayon wraps with coloring books.

How are you gift giving this year? Money saving tips ?I am all ears!

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Apple Picking

I love apple picking. Two weeks ago my husband, aunt and uncle traveled to an amazing orchard and we came home with 20lbs of apples. Check mygoodhouse for apple recipes.

Here are some photos from the trip!

My monkey man

A cat enjoying some grass



honey crisp apples

honey crisp apples

A lone squash in the apple orchard.
A lone squash in the apple orchard.

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Fake Babies & Potato Peelers

What? Wishing I had BBCAmerica to watch this! Reborn babies.

And this guy, wow.

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The Eco Pros and Cons of Obama

I know I said that I wasn’t going to get political, but hey its kinda fun and I am not too up on the Red Sox stuff. ( except for my cool kid hat.)

Found this article yesterday, The Eco Sins and Virtues of Obama. Did you know that Obama used to be a big time smoker? Now he only has a few. Interesting…

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The final debate

I think this pretty much sums up the final debate last night. McCain looking crazy and Obama just walking away thinking, ” I still got it.”

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The Wrath of a pack of wild terriers… SOCKS

My dirty little secret… I hate laundry. I depise dirty laundry and also clean laundry. We have put people on the moon but we still can’t figure out how to get clothes and more importantly socks folded on their own.

People come to my home and say wow, you are a 25 year old Martha Stewart only nicer and not as cold but upstairs in our spare bedroom,soon to be a nursery, lurks our secret. I refuse to match up socks. We keep them in a large plastic KOHLS bag.They pile up and when we can’t find socks that match we either go without or we buy new ones. It is quite the battle.

Yesterday my husband came home to all three dogs running wildly around the house. ( We aren’t sure how Sals got out of his crate yet) He immediately ran to our down couches which were slept on but safe. Jesse then noticed the gate to upstairs was down. He tore upstairs terrified that the dogs had bitten through his Cole Haans or eaten the wires out of my bras.( Which note, the dogs have done before)

Before I continue this tale, note, Airedales have this bizarre obsession with socks. When I say obsession I mean addiction. They just love the look and feel of a nice trouser sock.

In any case, the bag of socks was tipped over with hundreds of mismatched socks laying all about the room. It was if Dutchess let Sals out of his crate and said, ‘ Lets go play with some socks man,’ and off they went. They even brought socks downstairs.Thankfully there was no further damage done and no socks were hurt during the 5 hour span of freedom.

All socks have been washed and place back in their plastic KOHLS bag respectivley.

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The debate was boring….

yes, that pretty much sums up my thoughts on the debate last night.

My husband came home all flustered at an article he had read in the Post, about Palin and how she likes to refer to Obama as a “domestic terrorist.” Read the article, it really sad that she is stooping that low. Is she racist? I really hope not, for our sake, for the world’s sake.

So the debate, in between bites of lentil soup and salad we cringed at Tom Brokaw’s botoxed face and waited patiently for Obama’s slam dunk. In the end I wouldn’t really call it that. Very safe answers from both parties.

Wake up people, seriously- we are in BIG trouble if we have another 8 years ( and yes I know a term is 4 years, but people don’t like to interupt a president in the middle of the war) of the same old you know what.

Ok that is my political rant for the day.

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And the day is… Friday!

I literally dragged my poor husband to the grocery store last night. Actually 2, count them 2 grocery stores. His reward, cheese puffs. More like cheese doodles. He pleaded with me as we passed the junk food aisle, ” Please honey, we eat so healthy all the time.” For the first time, I said yes. A top my fridge is a big ol’ bag of cheese doodles.Inside its still organic and or mostly vegetarian.

For the weekend, we are pimping out the house with all things fall. I need to get on making some wreaths. I have been putting it off, don’t tell MyGoodHouse. Apple picking is scheduled for tomorrow, I will post pictures next week. I am soooo looking forward to the crisp air and the buffet of all the apples. Did I mention I am addicted to apples?

Jesse and I are thinking about getting another dog, hahahahaha. No, I am just kidding, can you imagine 4? 4 terriers? If I ever get 4 please call Oprah because I am officially a dog hoarder and need help. I was going to say that I just scheduled Sals’ appointment to be neutered. He is thrilled. Poor thing. But its an important thing to do.

In baby news, appointment on Monday, just a check up. Nothing fun. Little guy has been moving around the past week a lot which has been interesting. I was in a meeting and he started moving, startled the bejebus outta me. Whew.

Enough for now.

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