More CNN. Pregnancy and Stress.

Pregnancy and stress. Don’t fret  I am not turning this to an ‘ All about being Pregnant’ blog, I get enough of that from and all the people asking, how are you feeling. Only the neat stuff. Check MyGoodhouse for the latest on the nursery and massive projects that must occur before this child enters the world.

Check  this out though, crazy! Stress hurts growing babies, and can cause mental issues when they are older! Last I checked– life is stressful- especially in today’s world. We’ve got children in China drinking melamine, puppy mills ,a pending 700 Billion dollar Wall Street bailout and of course the election. ( and yes I missed the debates!)

Experts say to make sure that you are getting nutrients and exercise and to talk to your doc about stress levels.

My kid is in trouble! Thank goodness for Pandora‘s Chopin station.

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