2nd anniversary is cotton?

Its been two years since my husband and I were married. Can’t believe it.

So much has happened in two years. Did you know that the second anniversary is cotton? What on earth were we supposed to give each other tee-shirts?

I just want to say, to my dear husband, I appreciate all that you do for us each day. My life would not be complete if it wasn’t for you. Seems like just yesterday you were asking me if you would sit next to me on the train and  despite my sarcastically witty response- its a free country– you decided to stay for life. 3 dogs and a baby on the way later  you  still continue to be the voice of patience and reason in our home.

You are my most treasured friend and are always there when I need a shoulder to cry on. You encourage my creativity- even when I tell you it won’t work- and you make me do it anyway. We have been through a lot this year and I want you to know that I love you more each day and can’t wait to share in life’s joys for many years to come.

Happy Anniversary!

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  1. becki325 said

    What a sweet post! Congrats on two years and the pending arrival!

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