Chin up.

Its been a rough week and its only Wednesday night. Currently making my husband dinner like a good little wifey should. Chicken, green beans and baked potato easy as it gets. Not a real culinary delight but who’s counting. Come on- I made indian food from scratch last week, with naan,  okay frozen naan.

Work is work. Dogs are being dogs. And everything else is well- the same.

My best friend Souneva had her baby finally. Gives a little hope for the rest of us.  He is adorable and pictured here:

Ronan-born September 16th at 6:15 PM 8.6 lbs.

I drove down to CT to see her on Tuesday night and spent about and hour oooing and ahhhing about how damn cute he is. Talked to her today and both mom and baby are doing swell.

Looking forward to the weekend, perhaps I can relax. Right. What is relaxing anyway? Idle time. I am hoping to get the house ‘fall-defied’ by next week. On the agenda: making some wreathes for the doors, buying some mums with my next paycheck and hopefully going apple picking- with my next paycheck. Why is everything always for the next paycheck?

Curled up in the next room is a little dog that needs a bath. Outside are two Airedales that smell like well, outside. So much to do so little time.

Speaking of time, we have 4 months – hear that people- 4 months to complete our bathroom. We had a major setback with some asbestos piping. We can’t afford to remove it and it isn’t intact. Any suggestions are welcome. Of course jesse has been stomping around in there so lord only knows what he has breathed in already.Let us pray…

Here is a photo of the doom and gloom that is our first floor powder room. Lovely isn’t it ?

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