Happiest Dogs in the World

On Sunday my husband and I took 2 of the kids ( whoops I mean dogs!) to the PetRock Festival. Celebrating its 10th year, PetRock is a festival gone to the animals. With the slogan-” They can’t talk so we will”, the fest is chock full of families and their dogs,( and crated cats), endless treats and lots of fun!

This was Sals’ first year at the Fest and he began by barking at all the dogs in the parking lot. After calming down with some cookies from a few vendors, we visited the doggie water park and took a zip through the Gemini agility course. Dutchess arrived with my husband and all hell broke lose. TWO Airedales in one spot– imagine.

Everyone stopped us to ask about Sals’ tail and why it wasn’t docked and also to marvel at them as they were the only Airedales at the event. Dutchess felt like a real duchess.

My husband I snacked on vegan cuisine from our favorite restaurant, Buddha hut and also had some tangy Samosas from a local Indian joint. Sals also partook in samosas, and ice cream and all the cookies Dutch dropped. All food vendors were required to serve only vegetarian food which was a huge plus!

It was a day to be remembered. The pups had a blast and so did we.


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