Save me.

Savings- a dreaded word for most. For some reason or other at the end of the month there is little left in our accounts so we say, well- maybe next month. But now is the time, and I am making a commitment to saving for my future.

Watched this video from the WSJ today about a woman who saved almost 6% of her income. She was living off 35k a year as a single mother of 3. She attributed her savings to cutting out Starbucks and clothes shopping.

As we move into fall- my personal favorite season- it is a time of rebirth for us in New England. I have fond memories of new shoes, sharp pencils and crisp sheets of lined paper- all new of course. Those days are far gone as I am now a working woman with a house of my own equipt with three dogs and a husband to feed and a commute of over 100 miles per day. I am a bargain shopper with a taste for Goodwill and the thrifty. I only buy clothes on sale and we bathe the pups ourselves.

The question is how can we save more?

MSN says drive less, ditch the pricey coffee, garden more, turn off lights when not in use, and be a no pet home ( UM NO!).

Savings tips anyone?


  1. sforshner said

    If you keep appliances unplugged it will help reduce your electric bill – just because something is turned off, doesn’t mean it isn’t using zero power.

  2. I’ve stopped going to the mall and paying full retail…opting for Marshalls, DSW and Filene’s Basement instead. (Of course, this advice comes from someone who can’t give up her daily trip to Starbucks!)

  3. PDiddy said

    I hear Winthrop has affordable living with young recluse landlords….. 😉

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