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Unlikely Friends

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Anniversary Part 2

On Friday night my husband and I ventured to the place where we said our vows for a romantic dinner. The Herb Lyceum at Gilson’s is a fantastic place that takes you out of the hussle and stress of regular life and transports you into heaven.

Despite the rain and early arrival, we were instantly relaxed by the dried rosemary and sage that filled the carriage house. Patrons are seated at a large table all together to intermingle- be prepared to talk to your neighboors.

Cell phones are not permitted- thank god- so I only snapped a few photos. Dinner was comprised of the following ( For detailed impressions of of each dish visit my other blog, MyGoodHouse) :


Warmed Goat Cheese with olives in truffle oil

First Course

Butternut Squash Cappellaci with sage brown butter

Second Course

 Heirloom Tomato and Arugula Salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Main Course

Apple Walnut Sage Stuffed Pork Chop with fontina cheese and scallion, potato and herb puree

Vegetarian Course

Roasted Portobello Mushroom, Smoked Mozzarella  on Herb Flatbread topped with Fresh Basil, potato and herb puree

Cheese Plate

Goat Cheese fried with honeyed hazel nuts and micro greens


Vanilla Mint Panna Cotta with pear jam


We chatted the night away with a Boston Globe food editor , an investment advisor in the energy field, and a gym teacher. Phenomonial cusine and great conversation. We left stuffed and eager for the October menu.  

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More CNN. Pregnancy and Stress.

Pregnancy and stress. Don’t fret  I am not turning this to an ‘ All about being Pregnant’ blog, I get enough of that from and all the people asking, how are you feeling. Only the neat stuff. Check MyGoodhouse for the latest on the nursery and massive projects that must occur before this child enters the world.

Check  this out though, crazy! Stress hurts growing babies, and can cause mental issues when they are older! Last I checked– life is stressful- especially in today’s world. We’ve got children in China drinking melamine, puppy mills ,a pending 700 Billion dollar Wall Street bailout and of course the election. ( and yes I missed the debates!)

Experts say to make sure that you are getting nutrients and exercise and to talk to your doc about stress levels.

My kid is in trouble! Thank goodness for Pandora‘s Chopin station.

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I wish I could afford HBO… thankfully CNN is free

Chris Rock on Larry King talking politics, quite funny. Check it out.

Love how he says there should be fairness in politics ( shoot really?), citing that eligibility for presidency  should be like a radio contest, anyone related to anyone who works at the station shouldn’t be eligible to win.

So jealous of you all who have HBO as Rock is going to be on HBO Saturday night 9ET. Im going to have to wait til it comes out at Hollywood Video.

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2nd anniversary is cotton?

Its been two years since my husband and I were married. Can’t believe it.

So much has happened in two years. Did you know that the second anniversary is cotton? What on earth were we supposed to give each other tee-shirts?

I just want to say, to my dear husband, I appreciate all that you do for us each day. My life would not be complete if it wasn’t for you. Seems like just yesterday you were asking me if you would sit next to me on the train and  despite my sarcastically witty response- its a free country– you decided to stay for life. 3 dogs and a baby on the way later  you  still continue to be the voice of patience and reason in our home.

You are my most treasured friend and are always there when I need a shoulder to cry on. You encourage my creativity- even when I tell you it won’t work- and you make me do it anyway. We have been through a lot this year and I want you to know that I love you more each day and can’t wait to share in life’s joys for many years to come.

Happy Anniversary!

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Chin up.

Its been a rough week and its only Wednesday night. Currently making my husband dinner like a good little wifey should. Chicken, green beans and baked potato easy as it gets. Not a real culinary delight but who’s counting. Come on- I made indian food from scratch last week, with naan,  okay frozen naan.

Work is work. Dogs are being dogs. And everything else is well- the same.

My best friend Souneva had her baby finally. Gives a little hope for the rest of us.  He is adorable and pictured here:

Ronan-born September 16th at 6:15 PM 8.6 lbs.

I drove down to CT to see her on Tuesday night and spent about and hour oooing and ahhhing about how damn cute he is. Talked to her today and both mom and baby are doing swell.

Looking forward to the weekend, perhaps I can relax. Right. What is relaxing anyway? Idle time. I am hoping to get the house ‘fall-defied’ by next week. On the agenda: making some wreathes for the doors, buying some mums with my next paycheck and hopefully going apple picking- with my next paycheck. Why is everything always for the next paycheck?

Curled up in the next room is a little dog that needs a bath. Outside are two Airedales that smell like well, outside. So much to do so little time.

Speaking of time, we have 4 months – hear that people- 4 months to complete our bathroom. We had a major setback with some asbestos piping. We can’t afford to remove it and it isn’t intact. Any suggestions are welcome. Of course jesse has been stomping around in there so lord only knows what he has breathed in already.Let us pray…

Here is a photo of the doom and gloom that is our first floor powder room. Lovely isn’t it ?

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Happiest Dogs in the World

On Sunday my husband and I took 2 of the kids ( whoops I mean dogs!) to the PetRock Festival. Celebrating its 10th year, PetRock is a festival gone to the animals. With the slogan-” They can’t talk so we will”, the fest is chock full of families and their dogs,( and crated cats), endless treats and lots of fun!

This was Sals’ first year at the Fest and he began by barking at all the dogs in the parking lot. After calming down with some cookies from a few vendors, we visited the doggie water park and took a zip through the Gemini agility course. Dutchess arrived with my husband and all hell broke lose. TWO Airedales in one spot– imagine.

Everyone stopped us to ask about Sals’ tail and why it wasn’t docked and also to marvel at them as they were the only Airedales at the event. Dutchess felt like a real duchess.

My husband I snacked on vegan cuisine from our favorite restaurant, Buddha hut and also had some tangy Samosas from a local Indian joint. Sals also partook in samosas, and ice cream and all the cookies Dutch dropped. All food vendors were required to serve only vegetarian food which was a huge plus!

It was a day to be remembered. The pups had a blast and so did we.

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Save me.

Savings- a dreaded word for most. For some reason or other at the end of the month there is little left in our accounts so we say, well- maybe next month. But now is the time, and I am making a commitment to saving for my future.

Watched this video from the WSJ today about a woman who saved almost 6% of her income. She was living off 35k a year as a single mother of 3. She attributed her savings to cutting out Starbucks and clothes shopping.

As we move into fall- my personal favorite season- it is a time of rebirth for us in New England. I have fond memories of new shoes, sharp pencils and crisp sheets of lined paper- all new of course. Those days are far gone as I am now a working woman with a house of my own equipt with three dogs and a husband to feed and a commute of over 100 miles per day. I am a bargain shopper with a taste for Goodwill and the thrifty. I only buy clothes on sale and we bathe the pups ourselves.

The question is how can we save more?

MSN says drive less, ditch the pricey coffee, garden more, turn off lights when not in use, and be a no pet home ( UM NO!).

Savings tips anyone?

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A Jon Stewart funny…

Check it out. Quite hilarious.  I am not a fan of Stewart, but I do like this video.

This whole Palin thing is really quite out of control. I tried to watch her speech yesterday on You Tube, and I couldn’t stomach more than 10 minutes. Lets just say, she wanted her pregnant teen daughter to have a ‘ shot gun wedding’- um, enough said.

Last night my husband put on McCain for a moment, couldn’t stand that for more than 5 min.What does that tell you ?

If you are wondering why I haven’t put out a post on the Barack speech yet its because I am still letting it sink in and forming my thoughts… more to come on that shortly.

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