Oranges at your desk, and a Vacay Recap– LATE

*This post is a lil late- as it was from my vacation on the 8th! I know– I need to keep up. Pics to follow soon.

Someone should really think about making oranges easier to eat at work. I always end up all sticky and dribbly and then the phone rings. Maybe this is a deeper underlying problem- perhaps I shouldn’t eat at my desk. We all do it, YOU do it too, lets be honest with one another.

This post is not all about oranges thank goodness. Just wanted to take a moment and pause and remember my day and a half vacation, to which I came back to literally 922 emails. Mostly SPAM, but still.

Friday I spent the day watching tv.

Saturday I spent the day sleeping an watching tv.

Sunday I went out with my husband to Pickity Place, in Mason, NH. A wonderful place to visit. It is the birthplace of the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Complete with a museum dedicated to the book and count em’ 2 quaint country shoppes full of herbs and spices, we wandered the gardens and wished that we could afford the 16.95$ lunch that was being served right before our eyes.

With hungry bellies we went to my second residence in life, New Ipswich, NH and had a 10$ lunch near the town pool. We drove up to my old digs, which sadly has been torn down. We even visited the church where I was baptized. We then visited with my grandmother in Townsend, MA. For dinner, we had pizza.

Monday- we slept in and watched tv. Jon & Kate + 8 to be exact, and thanked our lucky stars that we only have 3 dogs and not 8 kids.

We then went to the post office and out to lunch at our favorite vegan restaurant, Buddha Hut. For a mere 4.95$ each I feasted on sweet and sour soy based chicken, and Jesse had the soy chicken and garlic with broccoli. For all you vegan/ vegetarian skeptics I encourage you to OPEN your MOUTH to this amazing cuisine. If my husband sir carnivore likes it, you just might too.


  1. sforshner said

    What a good use of vacation time. And I like to eat clementines in the office becuase they are much less messy.

  2. etrevallion said

    aww i need a vacation! and not sure if that OPEN your MOUTH was for me, but point taken. i need to broaden my horizons…

  3. dthompson said

    I’m all about the oranges (and eating at my desk, unfortunately). Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I just slide the laptop way back on my desk. I guess if the phone rings, that’s another story. BTW, never knew you were from NH. We should play the “do you know so-and-so” game sometime.

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