Airedales love tv.

Last night I had some trouble falling asleep so I put on a DVD Ihad rented. Charlotte’s Web. My husband was working on his blog so I brought all the dogs into bed with me.

Dutchess curls up at my feet and tries to pretend she is tiny. Keep in mind she is 60lbs. Salisbury sprawls out next to me and always puts his head on my stomach and literally purrs. Terrance doesn’t like to be any where near the airedale clan so he usually lays pathetically on the floor and sighs.

So, I started to movie thinking I was just going to fall asleep, but I was fascinated by Dutchess and Sals’ reactions to the talking animals. Everytime Wilbur the pig would jump around Dutch would get very interested and cock her head to the side as if to say, ‘ what the hell? a talking pig.’ Here is the pic to prove it.

She sat like that for literally an hour.

Sals fell asleep and started to snore which lulled me to sleep too.

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