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What ever happened to the baby on the cover of Nevermind?

Find out here.

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We have an animal in our house.

Sals has become wild. Something has to give.

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I always wanted a barbie cake.

I’ts been a long 25 years. Let’s keep a good thing going.

Happy Birthday to me.

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RIP Estelle

Our beloved Sophia has passed on. May she never be forgotten for her funny quips and funny walk. She will live forever in our hearts and on the Hallmark Channel .


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Everyone sing, happy birthday to you….

Happy Birthday Dreaded Cubicle.

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The ‘N’ Word

I am rarely home to watch The View but I saw this clip on Perez that I thought I would share. I don’t know whether or not I agree with Whoppi, but she does make a good point.

Its true, my own grandmothers on both sides still use this word. I find it uncomfortable to hear in any situation. Am I going to stop buying Kanye’s songs on ITunes? No. But, I do not allow the use of the word in my house or my presence. Use of the word perpetuates the hate and stereotypes that plagued my ancestors.

I have gotten better about calling it out to people when I hear them use it. It hurts me to think that people still use it today in their everyday vernacular, especially at home around their children.

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Commuter’s Delight

So this is TWO mornings in a row- I leave my house at 7:30 AM and arrive at work at 9AM.

I really like this sign, I think they should put it at 495 N and S just to toy with our emotions.

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Everything is going up- What are we going to do ?

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