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I am so tired today I can barely open my eyes. I went to bed on time, actually early come to think of it. So, not sure what is causing this unbelieveable sleepiness. 5 Days till vacation. Hooray! Nothing new to report. It’s Friday and the week is pretty much done.

Yesterday I went to WW and actually gained 2.2lbs. So as you can imagine I am a little upset. I looked at the woman who weighed me and said, ” Um, so- do you realize I didn’t eat any cheese all week?.” and she said ” Really?,” and I said ” Yes, really.”  I did eat lunch at like 4 yesterday so, perhaps that is part of the problem. Nevertheless, back on the bandwagon I go.

I had some vegetarian “meat” balls for breakfast. Hilarious trying to eat them while driving on 495. Just didn’t have time to make anything else. Too exhusted.  The dogs were whiney this morning. Terrance did not want to remove himself from Dutchess’ crate. ( he brought a chewy in there) Needless to say,  Dutchess for some reason has been anti- going to bed all week. I can’t figure it out. She refuses to go upstairs, I  have to drag her. Then when she gets upstairs she climbs in our bed.  Poor Nikki ought to have a fabulous time next week sleeping with a 65lb airedale.

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