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twitterSo today is Wednesday and it feels like Thursday. But its not and never will be.
Had to post this hilarious conversation with my dear colleague Anya about my thoughts on Twitter. Anything worth this much thought before 12PM must be worth it right?
hollieiv (9:24:41 AM): are you on tiwtter?
hollieiv (9:24:44 AM): *twitter
sailkat16 (9:24:47 AM): yeah
hollieiv (9:24:53 AM): not sure how I feel
hollieiv (9:24:56 AM): like if i should
sailkat16 (9:25:11 AM): i really don’t know how i feel either
sailkat16 (9:25:18 AM): i haven’t really figured it out yet
hollieiv (9:25:29 AM): i feel like it perpetuates the LOOK AT ME
hollieiv (9:25:32 AM): culture we live in
hollieiv (9:25:39 AM): and I don’t know if I want to be a part
sailkat16 (9:25:45 AM): well you could use it to just follow people
hollieiv (9:25:45 AM): but on the other hand
hollieiv (9:25:53 AM): ‘ everyone’s doing it’
hollieiv (9:25:57 AM): so I feel left out
hollieiv (9:25:59 AM): But then!
hollieiv (9:26:04 AM): then its creepy
sailkat16 (9:28:21 AM): why, because you’re stalking people but not communicating yourself?
hollieiv (9:28:45 AM): yes
hollieiv (9:28:53 AM): its like following someone out of the grocery store
hollieiv (9:28:54 AM): lol
hollieiv (9:28:58 AM): and not saying anything
hollieiv (9:29:10 AM): but slinking behind them waiting patiently
sailkat16 (9:29:12 AM): it’s really non-invasive, following someone isn’t creepy like that
hollieiv (9:29:28 AM): I think its just the following part that I have a problem with

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Think Happy Thoughts.

I don’t prayand  I don’t expect you to pray either, but my mother-in-law, one of my favorite people on this earth is very sick.  We aren’t sure how much time she has left with us and each day is precious. She is like a mother to me.

Please keep her in your happy thoughts.

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Dog-gone it…. everywhere

Nothing better than sitting at your desk having a working lunch when you get an email entitled: ” Today at your House” from the dog walker. ( With photo attachments) As it turns out, Salisbury decided too poop all over the house eat clothing and run around in it all. He was probably making poop angels on the floor while Dutchess just stared in disbelief at the entire situation.

So, as of today he is enrolled at Gemini Dogs .I will drop him off at daycare every Monday starting May 12th and then train with him at night, 7:45 mind you. I have never had a dog that challenged me so.

He will also be crated starting tomorrow. I am sure he will be thrilled. Curly tail and all….

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Busy is as busy does.

I haven’t blogged in a while. Been extremely busy.

But, all I have to say for today is, who are we if we choose to ignore this.

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‘Tis a sad sad day

Perez Hilton has just reported that the Golden Girls are being removed from Lifetime TV’s lineup. In its place will be Sex & The City. ( Isn’t that show on like 10 networks already?!) Catch Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia on…gasp, The Hallmark Channel.

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Day 8

So today is day 8 on the vegan diet quest. A little tired. But, I am so ecstatic that on Wednesday morning at 4am, I will be headed to Logan for the DR. A little sunshine will perk me right up.

I think it will be easier to eat in the DR. I really want to eat fruit right now SO bad. I had a grapefruit today. I am craving papaya and grapes. AND RUM 🙂

Still at work trying to get everything in order for the few days I will be out. Yes, I entered my time….

Going home to prep Nikkita on the doggies.

Tata for now.

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Wouldn’t this be really funny?


click here. ( Happy Late April Fools!)

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