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Another Tuesday. Completed Sucessfully.


Word of the day- collaboration. Learn it, live it, love it.  

Today was a wonderful day.  Came home dealt with the kennel and dreamed of a vacation that costs 1200$, because that is what we have.

 It took me literally 1.5 hours to get home today. Why you ask ? Holly, Worcester is only a mere 45 mintutes away. Yes, I say- yes, if you drive a porsche  that goes 130 miles an hour and you are traveling on a  SUNDAY. Today, some old sap decided that they wanted to move a some sort of thing they call a ranch style home across two lands of traffic. On 495. During rush hour people! So the game I played was- lets see how many cars we have to pass to outrun the ranch house. It was amusing until I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere. In any case, I made it home.

I am really hoping the weekend has something to offer me. Swim classes begin again. Oh joy, 3 year olds at 8 AM- on a Saturday. I shouldn’t bitch about it- I should consider myself blessed. I get to shape young minds’ perception of the water…. I know how philisophical.

 Salisbury is growing like a WEED. He is huge. And cute. And sassy.

Enough for now.


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