A little cheese would save the day

cheese.gifToday is day two in the quest of Holly to make a concerted effort to become vegan ( in diet only- I am NOT ditching my Charles David big leather bag)

How do I feel ? Well, cheese would be nice.

I had my lunch. A large salad ( greens and tomatoes) with a pinch of soy cheese and 1/2 cup black beluga lentils. Woo hoo, how exciting… right. Everyone wants beluga lentils. People line up around the block for em’.

This is much harder than I ever anticipated it would be, but I really want it to work.

Why go vegan? Mostly health reasons. I am in a constant quest to lose the weight, but more so because I read an absoluteley startling fact about how cows milk makes a 90lb calf into a 2,000 pound calf in as little as two years!!!!!!! So, me eating cheese, gobs of ice cream and rocking chocolate and other dairy  products is of high point value  for WW and is really not that good for me. So, we will give it a try.

Poor Jesse. I have been a literal wreck since abandoning my beloved cheddar. Last night I had to make 2 different meals entirely simply because the marinara he bought had parm in it!!!

So far so good. I will keep you posted.  I might have to bash in the vending machine for beloved cheeze-its.


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  1. cecilia86 said

    Hi! I do think it’s wonderful that you have decided to become a vegan. I started a vegan diet 3 years ago and must say I never felt better – both mentally and physically. I did at first, just as you, had a urge for cheese at first but after a week or two it was totally gone. There are some great vegan cheese you can try! They are a bit expensive but sure worth it!
    Have a wonderful day//Cecilia

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