Today is the Friday

What a week! Whew– and just imagine tomorrow is the FIRST ( as the children shout) day of swim class, Spring Session 1. I have passed many of my kids because I know that they need to learn other things and refrain from clinging to me.

In any case, it is a delicate thing to pass a three year old. The parents worry their child isn’t ready– or secretly, they want their kid to never grow up and watch Sponge Bob forever (please note- I still watch Sponge Bob, every single chance I get.) I have to be at the pool bright and early so everyone please, please pray for me.

This morning there was a little bird in the driveway. I think it was a morning dove. ( it said coo-coo, does that help?) The funniest conversation just occurred in Row 1 my home at PAN.

Holly: Em! ( I love how I yell across the cubes as if its my own house)

Em: What?!

Holly: You know the birds, the ones that are grey- not pigeons, but birds?

Em: No, no I don’t know birds.

And then I made a bird sound. It was funny to me. Ok, to the point, the moral of this story is that there was a morning dove ( thank you Charlie) in my driveway this morning! Sick- not flourishing and flapping its wings. Normally I would have scooped it up brought it inside, made it some grits ,named it Herman, and called in the environmental calvary to save this bird of thousands. Instead, I drove away and it will plague me all day!

What a horrible person.

some kid’s rendition of a mourning dove. Yes, yes it is mourning.

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