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A little cheese would save the day

cheese.gifToday is day two in the quest of Holly to make a concerted effort to become vegan ( in diet only- I am NOT ditching my Charles David big leather bag)

How do I feel ? Well, cheese would be nice.

I had my lunch. A large salad ( greens and tomatoes) with a pinch of soy cheese and 1/2 cup black beluga lentils. Woo hoo, how exciting… right. Everyone wants beluga lentils. People line up around the block for em’.

This is much harder than I ever anticipated it would be, but I really want it to work.

Why go vegan? Mostly health reasons. I am in a constant quest to lose the weight, but more so because I read an absoluteley startling fact about how cows milk makes a 90lb calf into a 2,000 pound calf in as little as two years!!!!!!! So, me eating cheese, gobs of ice cream and rocking chocolate and other dairy  products is of high point value  for WW and is really not that good for me. So, we will give it a try.

Poor Jesse. I have been a literal wreck since abandoning my beloved cheddar. Last night I had to make 2 different meals entirely simply because the marinara he bought had parm in it!!!

So far so good. I will keep you posted.  I might have to bash in the vending machine for beloved cheeze-its.

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Isn’t she Darling?


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Mathematics was never my Forte…..

If you know me at all you are aware that I am ATROCIOUS at math.

I said that I drive 58 hours a month. No no, that is not correct.

On average lets say 1 hour and 20 mintutes per ride, round down to 1 hour each way. So that is 2 hours per day times 5 days per week that equals 10, times 4 weeks = 40!

Still, I could have a third job….

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Golden Girls


Major confession. I LOVE the Golden Girls. Love Love Love. There is nothing I love better than cuddling up with the dogs with a cup of tea and some Golden Girls. The show was fantastic. Wholesome good clean fun with the exception of Blanche’s taudry outfits and crazy escapades with the tan Bill Clinton’s of the world.

 Here is a photo of Rose aka Betty White driving. She is old. Really old. Keep on truckin’ Betty.

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Busy is as Busy Does.

Oh where, oh where has Holly’s life gone? Hmm well let’s take a running tally, yes? When people say, why are you so busy?, I can say read the blog:

In no particular order…..

  • I spend a good portion of my life reading the Wall Street Journal. ( Which I actually don’t mind, it keeps me informed for dinner parties. ‘Holly did you read the comment on the op ed David Mamet wrote for the Village Voice by whats his name?’, Yes, Yes I did)
  • Cooing at Dutchess and Salisbury ( because they are too damn cute)
  • Writing ( a various assortment of things)
  • DRIVING ( WOW-approximately 58 hours per month. I could have a third job if I didn’t have to be in the car so much)
  • Chasing Terrance. This dog thinks its his personal mission to get my in shape. He loves, LOVES to run away.
  • Cleaning up after the dogs. ( Enough said)
  • Cleaning  in general- Have I ever mentioned I love to clean. Especially with all natural products because it makes me feel like I am doing something good.
  • Working. I spend a tremendous ( think hippo size) portion of my life at PAN.
  • Thinking about how I am going to save money and do the following: open an antique shop/ flower store, start a dog cookie making business, make soap and sell it in intricate little tea saucers plucked from countless Saturdays of antiquing, have kids and move to Oregon and of course live on a FARM with little lambs.

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Today is the Friday

What a week! Whew– and just imagine tomorrow is the FIRST ( as the children shout) day of swim class, Spring Session 1. I have passed many of my kids because I know that they need to learn other things and refrain from clinging to me.

In any case, it is a delicate thing to pass a three year old. The parents worry their child isn’t ready– or secretly, they want their kid to never grow up and watch Sponge Bob forever (please note- I still watch Sponge Bob, every single chance I get.) I have to be at the pool bright and early so everyone please, please pray for me.

This morning there was a little bird in the driveway. I think it was a morning dove. ( it said coo-coo, does that help?) The funniest conversation just occurred in Row 1 my home at PAN.

Holly: Em! ( I love how I yell across the cubes as if its my own house)

Em: What?!

Holly: You know the birds, the ones that are grey- not pigeons, but birds?

Em: No, no I don’t know birds.

And then I made a bird sound. It was funny to me. Ok, to the point, the moral of this story is that there was a morning dove ( thank you Charlie) in my driveway this morning! Sick- not flourishing and flapping its wings. Normally I would have scooped it up brought it inside, made it some grits ,named it Herman, and called in the environmental calvary to save this bird of thousands. Instead, I drove away and it will plague me all day!

What a horrible person.

some kid’s rendition of a mourning dove. Yes, yes it is mourning.

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Stop the World and Watch this.

You must all stop what you are doing and watch this.

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

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Another Tuesday. Completed Sucessfully.


Word of the day- collaboration. Learn it, live it, love it.  

Today was a wonderful day.  Came home dealt with the kennel and dreamed of a vacation that costs 1200$, because that is what we have.

 It took me literally 1.5 hours to get home today. Why you ask ? Holly, Worcester is only a mere 45 mintutes away. Yes, I say- yes, if you drive a porsche  that goes 130 miles an hour and you are traveling on a  SUNDAY. Today, some old sap decided that they wanted to move a some sort of thing they call a ranch style home across two lands of traffic. On 495. During rush hour people! So the game I played was- lets see how many cars we have to pass to outrun the ranch house. It was amusing until I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere. In any case, I made it home.

I am really hoping the weekend has something to offer me. Swim classes begin again. Oh joy, 3 year olds at 8 AM- on a Saturday. I shouldn’t bitch about it- I should consider myself blessed. I get to shape young minds’ perception of the water…. I know how philisophical.

 Salisbury is growing like a WEED. He is huge. And cute. And sassy.

Enough for now.

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