Its been a few…

100_4894.jpgWelcome Salisbury, yes, a third dog. Literally our house has gone to the dogs, with the excpetion of our beautiful bedroom.

Salisbury was named after Salisbury Street in Worcester. His brothers and sisters each have royal names so why shouldn’t he ? He came from a litter of 16! His tail and double claws remain untouched, but who cares, we aren’t going to show him. He knows this, we talked. We said, ” Salisbury, you are going to be a family dog.”

Salisbury is 12 lbs of energy and pee. He is an 8 week old airedale terrier. Yes, that makes 2 airedales= trouble. Sleepless nights and howling… but he is our new baby so, we cope.


On the other paw, he has really added to the interesting dynamic with the other two pups. Terrance seems to have taken a liking to Salisbury with minimal barking and mean growls. Dutchess is absolutely in love with him because he has her mentality without the fear of everything unknown.

 Its been a few weeks since I have written because we have been super busy. I took a much needed vacation day on Friday and worked on painting our bedroom and generally getting the house back to order seeing as I haven’t done a good cleaning in a few weeks.

I think I need to hire someone to come in and clean the floors. I wandered to target looking for a replacement head to my mop. I picked out a swirly blue and white anti-microbal one that looked like it could do the job and low and behold I get the thing home and -it doesn’t fit my mop. It looked as if it was the only one that would fit, so now I have to go back and buy a probally fifteen dollar mop. Fab. I love it. I really do need to wash my floors. Really.

100_4844.jpgToday is Sunday and tomorrow I return to work. The pups are back on their own- did I mention we hired a dog walker? I am not even going to tell you how much it costs for such a service. They are very nice people and my dogs love them. Perhaps we should all become dog walkers.

Seriously. I don’t mind poop.


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